So, at lunch yesterday in the cafeteria at work, my wife told a little story. It was about her mother skillfully piloting a Chevette with no brakes through a busy intersection. My wife and her siblings were children in the car, all screaming. No one was hurt. No car was damaged. Amazing. One of our extremely churchy friends pipes up with "god was with y'all!"..... Way to fuck up the vibe. These people always say crap like that. I guess if they'd been splattered by a concrete truck and killed, then "They'd be with god". Ugh.

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Why is it impossible for people to compliment other people?  Obviously, your MIL is a skillful driver and her skills saved the day.  I hate the Xian attitude that says giving a person a compliment will puff them with pride and make them less godly.  Like they're the pride police and it's their job to keep others in their place.
Man, I have to hear those comments all the time.  Yesterday, my sister said she was going to pray about trying to pursue a different career because she can't find work in the education field right now.  Instead of "praying" about it, she should be taking some concrete steps toward what she wants; what's to pray about?  And then another silly relative debated with some other silly relative about whether women can be preachers.  The whole freakin topic is ridiculous and there is absolutely no logic to their thinking.  If they really believe there is a god that wants his "good news" spread around the world, why would the god prohibit women from spreading it?  You'd think that the god would use everybody at its disposal.  I wasn't present for that argument (thankfully), but it's amazing how people can debate about, make a career out of, make a business from, build their life around, indoctrine their children, choose their friends/family from something for which there is absolutely no evidence.

A similar story;

   A couple of years ago a dear friend's son wrecked his motorcycle in the desert.  He was comotose, and had to be airlifted to a nearby hospital.  He had brain swelling, and had a door of bone removed from his skull.  The door was stored in his abdomen to stay alive.  All was restored after he regained conciousness several weeks later.  With a lot of terapy, he returned to normal, (except for a slightly mis-shapen head), and even allowed to remain in the Marine Corps. 

   As you might have guessed, the hospital staff was one of the best in the area.  The family however is devout Roman catholic, and are still convinced that the young man's recovery was due to prayer. 

Yeah,I get so sick of it..And no one ever questions them...Ever.


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