Mac OS X evolving even after Steve's gone. 'gatekeeper' no wonder they're stocks so high.

rivacy and security is a growing concern of app users (just look at the whole Path debacle). But while iOS privacy policies are a work in progress for Apple, the security of your desktop system is a front-and-center concern in Mountain Lion.
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Now it’s true that Mac OS X has been largely immune from the malware issues that plague other operating systems like Windows and Android. The MacDefender malware scare in mid-2011 was an exception, and it looks like Apple now wants to stay one step ahead of the bad guys with a new feature called Gatekeeper.

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mobile plot saga whatever thickens:

imho goog plus wants to own the universities; server side; already took out MSN at berkley.
i noticed they wont let you use an alias at googplus so i stick w/facebook alias.
shux here too. anyhew~

I just love Apple - thanks so much for you post! I'm a big diehard Apple devotee.

"it looks like Apple now wants to stay one step ahead of the bad guys with a new feature called Gatekeeper."
There's one feature I'll never use...

There has been a default popup "warning" for 3rd party software downloads since Snow Leopard.

IMO, it's more a cash-grab by Apple than a necessary malware solution (many of those already exist), by leveraging their App Store marketing channel (where they get a 30% share of the revenue stream).

If Apple ever drops the "Anywhere" Gatekeeper option in future versions of OS X, I'm done with them.

I'm still annoyed at Apple phasing out MobileMe, ...actually, I'm still pissed about the switch from .Mac to MobileMe come to think of it (um, ...does anybody remember iTools?)

My Macs aren't, nor have they ever been, ...cell phones.

corner the market much? must be the user friendly GUI

Remember iWeb?

Too bad they didn't go the ethical route.

They have 100% control over your intellectual property, …as long as it's formatted within iBooks. The EULA update didn't address the big picture.

Since 89 here... so.. yeah.. pesky organic liquid data flux of it all

Yeah I remember iTools! I just love Mac OS X - I've been a Mac user since I was a little kid!
Thank you for the post! I love Apple!
Linux user here..Other OS's are not plagued with mailware...The problem with Android is Google has not taken the trouble to screen the apps.
I've used Linux for eight years and I've never had an infection. The main OS with the big bulls eye on it is Windows.




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