Machines Are Getting Better at Reading Minds - The End of Privacy

Machines Are Getting Better at Reading Minds

It appears that we are about 5-10 years away from seeing this technology mature to the point where it will become as ubiquitous as the cell phone.  Once mature this technology will make our thoughts and memories completely transparent.  It will completely eliminate privacy as we understand the notion today and redefine everything from court trials to job interviews.  Imagine how different the O.J. Simpson trial or the recent Trayvon Martin trial would have been if we would have had the ability to make the thoughts and memories of Mr. Simpson or Mr. Zimmerman completely transparent.  

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As you can see, others are starting to ask the same questions we are discussing.  This was just posted on LinkedIn:

I think that would be the most beneficial result of this technology for the individual.  It would force us to be honest with ourselves first and foremost.  To me that can only be a good thing for the individual and society as a whole. 




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