I am what I claim to be. I am entirely mad by any average measure, and a scientist by my own guidelines. Of course, I care not by what other means I may be measured or standards by which I might be regarded. However, I am absolutely not without my own obscure ethics.

Step into a story book. Live your dreams. You will be surprised at yourself, and at life, when you see that these things you imagine are possible.

I do not seek mindless sycophants, and any scientist would be entirely annoyed by same. I do not wish mindless, dare I say, religious adherents or henchpersons. Rather I am interested in people with strange dreams, unusual needs, or desires to perform according to their own standards. I seek, in short, people who want to go beyond a normal mundane life of working for some retail establishment.

Sacrifice need not always be in vain, nor faye to the applicant.

Talk to me.

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I'm sure you'll find a fellow mad scientist or three on this site.

And maybe you can include in your list of experiments the Red or Blue Pill from The Matrix film. If only it were possible to develop a red pill for all theists.

I'm not mad. I'm peculiar.
My dreams are really boring.

That was quite entertaining and I had the entire dream visualized. Can you contact them? There are questions I have.
I was thinking more along the lines of telepathy. If psychics think they can contact the dead, why not contact dream people?
I don't know how fictional characters could be contactable.

It shouldn't be that hard. No one on this planet receives as much mail as Santa.
Why are you seeking associates? Not that I mind, but I seem to have missed that part. Of course it's late/early and I've missed a great deal of sleep as well.
Sounds evil, im in. But... what exactly are you planning to do?
Thank you one and all.

The first order of business is to group, and to seek our mutual successes. The more well-off we are the better equipped we should be to fight for a free society. "Live better" isn't enough for me however.

I have multiple cars, dozens of computers, and other things that I'd lend, sell, or donate in order to drive the cause. I'll soon have a second job in commercial leasing, as I just passed the required tests. I'm willing to spend thousands a year on this pet project.

What I mean by applicant, is anyone who's willing to get serious - and be silly at the same time. To "do" rather than to just be. Join the science organisations that you like, and support them financially. Work with me to form a group. What will we do? It depends on us, on our membership, and mutual goals. I am not a dictator.

Maybe we'll do little more than earn some money between us and pool it to fund pro-freethinker causes. It's up to us, what we do.

Personally, my favorite idea is to find and/or form a non religious nation. A real nation state of science. An island protected by Russia, perhaps - they've always been friendly to our ideals. Of course, we need to be about 50m above sea level...

But, that's going to take a LOT of work, and decades of time. I don't want to wait to get started, and starting small is the best way to start. We're already here at AN, what's the next step? Taking this online discussion into the real world.

That's my idea for first steps. I'm willing to make this my hobby, and give up skiing, boating, and other such things. I'll just have to work out a bit more at home.

Faye means fairy, or more literally the fates. The applicant is not fated. I was trying to be funny.
Let's choose an island that's not too far north.

I suggest Berkner Island. It's theist-free, quite large (17,000 sq.miles), and as far from the North pole as you can get.
Roy the infidel:

I can't reply to a reply? Strange enough.

I had to pause for a moment and determine if I was being elegantly trolled. Well done, indeed. I know I would welcome stepping out of such a bad dream to find that there is more, an even more dreadful reality that's hundreds of times worse. What delightful madness?




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