I am what I claim to be. I am entirely mad by any average measure, and a scientist by my own guidelines. Of course, I care not by what other means I may be measured or standards by which I might be regarded. However, I am absolutely not without my own obscure ethics.

Step into a story book. Live your dreams. You will be surprised at yourself, and at life, when you see that these things you imagine are possible.

I do not seek mindless sycophants, and any scientist would be entirely annoyed by same. I do not wish mindless, dare I say, religious adherents or henchpersons. Rather I am interested in people with strange dreams, unusual needs, or desires to perform according to their own standards. I seek, in short, people who want to go beyond a normal mundane life of working for some retail establishment.

Sacrifice need not always be in vain, nor faye to the applicant.

Talk to me.

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Don't get mad - get odd.
This looks like a scam. I've been an Igor to a few mad scientists in the past, and I don't believe any of them would have even considered seeking associates (at least not without a very specific purpose). They're way too individualistic and paranoid for that.
Btw, did anyone here see this animated film?
Yes, it was pretty cool. Last year my Papa (grandfather) asked if I had seen "Flags of our Fathers" I said "Is it animated?"
If I can be in charge of keeping the rats in the cellar happy and well fed, I'm in.

... but should I really allow a mad scientist access to my lust for robotics? ... or my lust for electronic eavesdropping?

... hmm....
Demopoly, I find it unlikely that anybody would, in fact, turn down an applicant for the position of their own personal Smithers, but if you say so.

I believe I'm quite interested in the project. Perhaps we could enlist the assistance of the burgeoning army of gophers over at the Intercontinental Atheiskeptihumanist Federation Alliance of United, Collated, Society Over-Committees International.

Our organization could be funded by sales of WHITE BALOGNA, though that may simply be a variant of weisswurst, which would likely require us to locate south of the Weißwurstäquator, so Berkner Island may well suit us. Particularly as I've always aspired to dwell in a secret subterranean Antarctic base. And, of course, mad scientists sound best with German accents. Especially fake German accents. Sadly, Berkner Island appears to be in the British Antarctic Territory, so neither Germany nor Russia would seem to adhere. We may simply have to make do.

I see no way to avoid an association with robots and rockets, given the nature of the mad scientist industry, so I think those are givens. Other important research would almost have to include silly string theory and Nerf gas, if we are to be taken seriously.

As for a name, let me suggest The Empirical Empire.
I like it!

Sorry that I've been so busy. I basically have two jobs now, but on a few sleepless nights I've managed to edit another novel, complete my classes, and update websites. Unfortunately, the host I used to prefer decided that it had no use for customer service - and I took control back.

I have several domains parked while I work out which server to place them on, and I have one up and running now on my own machine. There'll be more on this... I love the internet. Two words to the wise who wish to work anonymously: Invisible Internet. That's all I'm saying.
My work now is torn between traditional HTML websites and the fully autonomous internet sites of the future. When I'm bored I'm on 4chan.

I want to host an anonymous SCIENCE website before the end of summer to help promote a secular nation concept. Anyone want to help? Please reply by Email if you want to participate. Comments are welcome here.




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