I am just curious what everyone's opinions of her are. I read a biography about her, which had a more focus on her death and the investigation but still discussed her life life quite a bit. You could tell the author was a theist, but the author did a good job being objective, I think.

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I've only seen a few interviews with in a documentary.

MY impression was of a courageous woman,who was also obssesive and a quite nasty piece of work.

I don't think she needs anyone to apologise for or justify her behaviour. She may simply have been a bitch.So what?

I also think she was a great woman.
Exactly my position.

When I was a kid, even though I was not religious, I thought of her as a really evil woman. I had no idea that she represented the vanguard of a movement that would protect our rights by insisting the "wall of separation" between church and state be maintained, and that we have the right of freedom FROM religion as much as they have the right of freedom OF religion.

Yep, abrasive and in your face, this woman was hell on wheels... the most "hated woman in America." So out of character for women back then, and so unheard of for atheists. She was a prime reason that the Supreme Court declared organized prayer in school unconstitutional in the US. We owe her a lot.


I reread your post. I have no idea what you MEANT to say. I commented on my impression of what you actually wrote.My original comment stands.
By outward appearances she was a tough old goat, but she had a heart of gold. I never met anyone as honest before.

She was one who tossed around ideas constantly. Constantly involved and curious about anything and everything. She wasn't unmoving in her opinions, but she did state them emphatically and with abandon. She also had quite a mouth on her. No topic was off limits with her.

I used to have a few aunts and neighbours who she reminded me of, and "ladies" they weren't.

She was very possessive of the group she founded and would offer herself up as an object of scorn to defend it. It might be said that she jealously guarded that which belonged to her, and never took any guff from anyone who tried to take it from her. If you found yourself on the receiving end of her wrath, chances are you deserved it, but most people would have taken more pains to be delicate in their way of presenting themselves than she did.


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