For anyone who does not know how to play Madlibs

I need the following parts of speech. Numbers in parentheses are the number of words of each type I need.
Noun (16)
Plural Noun (2)
Adjective (6)
Intransitive Verb (1)
Intransitive Verb Past Tense (1)
Transitive Verb(2)
Transitive Verb Past Tense (1)
Exclamation (2)

Please one word per person. And please identify the part of speech for this grammatically challenged individual.

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"the muscle car of God was hovering over the waters." Is my favorite part.
I want to know if God's muscle car has Crager rims and dual exhausts?
I don't think so -

To reach the young people (or at least gearheads), I think the Popemobile could use a makeover. We could start with a spoiler.
A spoiler? Unoriginal. But it would look great if you turned it into a living aquarium on wheels. You could always give the Pope a bathing suit and a tuba.

Maybe not so good an idea - it would be too tempting to replace the goldfish with piranhas.
Appropriately, "Sexed-up Atheism" appears to the right as a bill payer.



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