It’s no surprise, under the circumstances, that a movement controlled by fundamentalist Christians would be oblivious to the very real dangers that their actions present. Fundamentalist religion is extremely good at convincing its followers to be more afraid of imaginary threats than real ones, and to engage in downright magical thinking about the possibility that their own choices could work out very badly. When you believe that forcing the government into default in an attempt to derail Obamacare is the Lord’s work, it’s very difficult for you to see that it could have very real, negative effects.

i'd say this is about right.  this whole Tea Party movement needs to be eradicated from the political landscape.  i hope their current ridiculousness leads to permanent backlash which renders them forever neutered.  i'm under no delusions that they'll simply fade away, but perhaps the toxicity of being viewed siding with them will make them irrelevant.  right now, however, they are very relevant, and some might say they are driving the policies and procedures of one of our 2 political parties.  

the sooner that stops the better.  

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