Have a look at this video folks and make your mark on 15th of July, make it a stay at home day, no shopping no days out just stay in your homes and protest peacefully about you governments/ corporations mismanagement of your country. If we get this worldwide we can stop the world for just one day. Mark this day in your calendar and please take part it is so important. We must attempt to empty the malls/shopping centres, offices, transport,etc. to bring the world together in protest. I want to hear from you, numbers are important, if you agree leave a comment. I am not looking for arguments on the pro's and cons I am only interested in action.


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My first comment by a pessimist, it is neither hopeless nor idealistic, will work and will accomplish plenty if people use their power together, but if everyone thinks as you do it certainly won't.Band Aid was an impossible task but it got results, people power can and does make a difference. So I take it you won't be taking part ?
Just some tips:
- Get in touch with (worldwide) organizations that might support your cause to create awareness and participation for this event. A website and a video are not enough to organize this globally.
- Place a poll (on Google?) to see how much support you can expect for this global strike: will it actually have the support of the people that you're trying to reach?
- In your video, I would mention what goal you're trying to accomplish and how this is going to work, at this moment I did not understand it. How does one day of strike accomplish what goal and by what mechanism.
- Explain that there is the possibility of legal repercussions for actions such as these. Whether strikes or not are permitted depends on local law, in most European countries for instance there are strict rules about the circumstances in which people are aloud to strike. This is also why it's a good idea to contact local communities.
- Raise awareness before planning a date for an event, the bigger the event the more cumbersome the organization can be deadlines can only be set after a careful assessment of the situation.
- If you want to reach and organize a lot of people be mindful of the type of media that you are using, if you place a "Discussion" in a "Politics" section of a community forum you can expect an argument even if you don't want it. People will be people so try to be open to all input you're going to get some whether you like it or not. You could create separate "Discussion" and "Poll" threads to keep it simple.
- Get a proper website, the current one sucks. on the bottom of the page I could find this gem:


Oh, and when you link to a video where "corporate fascist pigs" are mentioned it really doesn't come across well if you follow up by mentioning that you're not interested in arguments.

The current plans seem hopelessly naive and not well thought out, as if action in itself is enough to accomplish anything. Idealism is great for inspiration, but you need logic to create a process by which to achieve this, Band Aid would not have worked so well if it wasn't organized properly.
I'm having a hard time understanding what exactly the video is for/against. If you can explain it for me, I might very well support you.
It is asking us to take part in a worldwide protest to make our awareness known to governments across the world, that we are not in agreement with so many of their policies. That we are against the manipulations of Free Markets causing famine. Against BP's oil spill and other such catastrophes. It won't cost millions for police, it is a peaceful way of protesting.
In answer to Rob Van Senten,I only put this up to let people know it was happening and if they agree to take part, lot's of us don't know about these kinds of protests taking place. All I was asking for was names of those willing to take part not start a discussion on the matter. I know that not all people can take part. those employed in the medical field for instance and other vital services. However the cost of having street demonstrations has escalated, it would be a new way to protest and cost nothing to police. We have no other way of letting our feelings be known these days that a new way must be found to satisfy those of us who do care about the world and the people living in it. Elections are rigged, new laws being made to further oppress us, we no longer have any say in the way our countries are being run, not even most politicians have either they are mandated by big business to govern. We must demand democracy for all not just the privileged.
I only put this up to let people know it was happening...

And I replied to you to let you know that it is not happening since it is very poorly organized.

Don't get me wrong though, I think that corporations are often in a position where they are not being held accountable for their actions, despite dire consequences. People are dying because of corporate profits and this is indeed a crying shame.

Just because I approve of the destination doesn't mean that I am not going to check the boat for leaks before jumping aboard.




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