I was doing something important, when I got one of those news posts that made me stop my important task (finishing off my bottle of wine.) and take no

tice. Those Right Wing idiots are now crying about the “Criminalization of Christianity” after a federal judge jailed Kentucky clerk Kim Davis for refusing to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples.

If Kim can’t do the job she was hired to do, then she should quit. Only politicians give a shit about Kim and once they figure out that Kim’s jailing won’t make a difference, they’ll find another windmill to joust. Two pharmacists also refused to issue birth control and the morning after pill because of their religious beliefs. This is still a democracy and people are allowed their opinion despite differences in belief and behavior.

Employees serve at the behest of their employer, not the other way around. Those who feel that strongly about a particular issue should step down or quit their job. Perhaps, employers and politicians might do well to understand the groups they belittle have 9 million votes to not vote for them. Christianity is not the issue, it is the use of religion to block another’s rights, As a side bar, it should be noted that Ms. Wood has been married four times. Oops! “If you can’t stand the heat—get out of the kitchen.”

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There we go again with the country "founded on Christian principals." Why don't people stop listening to their pastors and read some real books on this matter to see how we were founded. The Constitution might even be a good start.

My guess is that religion sees itself as losing so it has to make some bizarre claims to religious freedom. Unfortunately that claim is usually "Christian" and doesn't take in any others. This very fact makes it hypocritical. It also makes it unjust and unfair because the bumper stickers are so one sided. Thor, Allah, Ra, and Visnu are not on that bumper sticker.

I'm saying that believers saw this coming with the gay marriage issue and they want to give an impression that our police support "the laws of god" so that they can gear up for a fight on this thing. The brewing storm may be a long time in passing. Otherwise, the meaning of these stickers at this time is very unclear to me. Maybe someone can use better words than mine to define it.

The illiterati never read a book or study the source. Never. They take someone's word for it as truth. Even the highly educated read only six books a year. Anyway, a document known as the Treaty of Tripoli  signed barely 20 years after the signing of the Declaration of Independence, stated unequivocally that the " . . . Government of the United States of America is not, in any sense, founded on the Christian religion." That pretty much says it all. Now there can be a discussion of deism and its role if any, but deism is not Christianity in any sense. The separation of church and state came about because of experience with the Church or England, which caused enough agony that many left the country to go to an unknown land.  

The separation of church and state has had a negative effect on the freedom of the civil authorities in the USA to implement its edicts. European countries that have state religions can rely on the subordination of the state church to parliamentary authority. The USA while wisely having church state separation has no such control.

I love the "donation" excuse. You just know that if someone had supplied police precincts with gratis In Allah We Trust stickers, they'd be plastered all over those police cars too.

Aha! You said the magic word. READ!!! College graduates read only 30--40 books a year--average. High grads about 10. No diploma-4. No these are the people politicians make their living from. As we know, an educated population is a dangerous population.

Quoting from an article in today's newspaper I got:

"She said that she was doing this under God's authority. She is 1,000 percent correct. She is echoing what western man has said for over 1,500 years now. And that is that divine law trumps human laws." -Matthew Trewhella

First thought that came to my mind - where is the evidence she's doing it under God's authority? Did God appear to her and told her to turn away these people? Show me the evidence!!

I'd like to meet this "Western man." He sounds like a real dickhead.

"What do you think of Western civilization?"

"I think it would be a good idea."

(attributed to Mahatma Gandhi, but  
"not well-supported and may be apocryphal")

I think it was John Platt whose characterization was the man who crossed the planet against the prevailing winds.

Hey! That's an insult to a perfectly useful and essential (if sometimes stinky) orifice!

(A fun fact that bears repeating: humans are deuterostomes: as in other vertebrates and a few other animals, the first opening in early embryonic development goes on to become the anus. In other words, at one point each of us was nothing more than an asshole. Fortunately, most people outgrow that stage.)

(image source)

I love it! People on the piece giving us all a lesson in anatomy and development.

That 1000, per cent is some percentage.


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