I was doing something important, when I got one of those news posts that made me stop my important task (finishing off my bottle of wine.) and take no

tice. Those Right Wing idiots are now crying about the “Criminalization of Christianity” after a federal judge jailed Kentucky clerk Kim Davis for refusing to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples.

If Kim can’t do the job she was hired to do, then she should quit. Only politicians give a shit about Kim and once they figure out that Kim’s jailing won’t make a difference, they’ll find another windmill to joust. Two pharmacists also refused to issue birth control and the morning after pill because of their religious beliefs. This is still a democracy and people are allowed their opinion despite differences in belief and behavior.

Employees serve at the behest of their employer, not the other way around. Those who feel that strongly about a particular issue should step down or quit their job. Perhaps, employers and politicians might do well to understand the groups they belittle have 9 million votes to not vote for them. Christianity is not the issue, it is the use of religion to block another’s rights, As a side bar, it should be noted that Ms. Wood has been married four times. Oops! “If you can’t stand the heat—get out of the kitchen.”

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Islam has about 100 sects and claims 2 basic ones. If you belong to one of them the other 99 are infidels.

Christianity has upwards of 33,820 denominations, most of which do not agree with the others and this is why separate denominations were started. The Evangelical and Apostolic ones especially think that they are right and all the others are wrong. Secretly the only ones "going to heaven" are the group that you belong to.

This should tell you all about the peace and love of religion.

Michael, there is an on-line book that lists as many Christian denominations you can think of. They have it by regions, country, beliefs, rituals, tied in with local mythology and more. All have different ways to get to heaven. Or, all roads lead to Rome. Maybe?

The answer is "yes" but the process would be long and drawn out and not worth anybody's time. As for the couple who were refused a license in the first place, that issue has been solved now so a lawsuit would be pointless.

Even now I say look for more from Kim Davis. Her lawyer hinted at it, and I think she will act up again in the near future. I find it strange that theists have such a different take on this case. One even told me that Kim fought to have her name removed from the licenses. That was not so. The judge had her name removed because her lawyer said none of the liceses would be valid without Kim's signature. Kim wanted to get her way. In the end it appears she only got in the way.

It certainly doesn't appear to be end of the matter. She's been given the status of a crusading martyr.

I have little knowledge of law, but it seems they might be able to take her to civil court. Like I said I have zip knowledge of how these work.

WHO?  [grin!]

Now, if we could only get people to forget the GOP love child of Mary Ann Trump and an orangutan.

Now, now, don't be ragging on orangutans!

You're right. He must have been slipped a roofie.


You're right there, Pat, but it's not likely to happen. This is from a right-wing pollster who set up a focus group to find Trump's weak spots. It turned out he doesn't have any.

GOP Focus Group: Trump is Uncontrollable and Unstoppable

According to Frank Luntz—a long-time political pollster employed by the right wing—Donald Trump has become the political equivalent to an indestructible movie monster. No matter what is thrown at him, he just keeps driving forward on his path of destruction. In the eyes of Trump’s supporters, there is simply nothing that he can do that is disqualifyingly offensive.

. . . If this focus group is to be believed, anything less than Trump walking out onto the GOP’s 2nd debate stage in full Nazi uniform and reciting Muslim prayers, then trying to bludgeon Jeb Bush with copy of Da Kapital in his right hand and a fetus that he personally aborted in his left, is unlikely to alienate him to the base (even then, this focus group suggests that they might just see him as an anti-establishment maverick).

Billboard opposite Westboro Baptist church.

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