I was doing something important, when I got one of those news posts that made me stop my important task (finishing off my bottle of wine.) and take no

tice. Those Right Wing idiots are now crying about the “Criminalization of Christianity” after a federal judge jailed Kentucky clerk Kim Davis for refusing to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples.

If Kim can’t do the job she was hired to do, then she should quit. Only politicians give a shit about Kim and once they figure out that Kim’s jailing won’t make a difference, they’ll find another windmill to joust. Two pharmacists also refused to issue birth control and the morning after pill because of their religious beliefs. This is still a democracy and people are allowed their opinion despite differences in belief and behavior.

Employees serve at the behest of their employer, not the other way around. Those who feel that strongly about a particular issue should step down or quit their job. Perhaps, employers and politicians might do well to understand the groups they belittle have 9 million votes to not vote for them. Christianity is not the issue, it is the use of religion to block another’s rights, As a side bar, it should be noted that Ms. Wood has been married four times. Oops! “If you can’t stand the heat—get out of the kitchen.”

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Maybe she could lose some weight in jail.

Might be the best thing for her health!  

A chin or two less won't hurt her!

Just demonstrating my bigotry against obesity!


You've pretty well said it all here, Donald.  Kim and others like her want to think that their beliefs supersede the requirements of their job.  Thing is, an essential part of most government job descriptions can be summed up in two words: SERVE PEOPLE, regardless of who they are, because that is the essence of the raison d'etre of government.  In 30 years of field service, I've been forced to deal with the occasional asshole, but then no one said that all my customers would be sweetness and light.  Had I told my boss that I didn't want to service a certain account because my contact there offended me, I would have been out on my ass before you could blink.  The situation with Ms. Wood should be handled no differently.

If she can't do her job, if she can't serve the people of Rowan County, Kentucky, then she needs to yield her position to someone who can and will.

I totally agree with you Loren!
Fire her.

BTW, I think the clerk's last name is "Davis" and not "Wood" as stated in the post title.

I don't know whether or how she changed her name for her four marriages to three men. (I think #2 and #4 are the same guy.)

Perhaps "True Christians"[tm] should condemn her for hypocritical bible-thumping while she "commits adultery" by divorce and remarriage... but that's actually irrelevant here. Someone observed that Davis expecting a "reasonable accomodation" in order to refuse to do a central part of her job is just as reasonable as an Amish person expecting to keep their job as a bus driver.

I put this up on my own post about this, but what the heck: it deserves to be spread around!

Perfect! It well deserves reposting.

Yes, the religious think that poor Kim has been discriminated against. She isn't allowed to act on her religious thoughts and therefore Christianity has been criminalized. Kim Davis herself said it is all about god's law and heaven and hell.

We find that it's neither and none of the above. Davis is an elected civil servant who isn't marrying anybody, but she also is not doing her job. That is the issue! God has nothing to do with this. If you want to deal with "god's law and heaven and hell" take your issue to church. You have no given right of protest by expressing your opinion. She is in violation of the law by not doing her job.

The solution is really pretty simple for Kim. RESIGN. God doesn't care and nobody is going to make an exception to the law for Kim Davis.

A recall election may be in order here.

Although Right Wing Evangelicals of politicians may kick this football a long way, they might find it will come back to bite them in the ass. I would be very care of pissing off any community while playing to another. She works at the behest of the state, the very same one that offers freedom of religion and freedom from religion. In the end, she broke the law. It's that simple. She should be removed.

Dyslexic's DOG,, I didn't want to go there, but you said what I was thinking. However, I think others considering marriage might consider marital expertise. They say the fourth time around is the charm. Or is that the fifth time. Maybe it's the third time. I was never good with numbers.

"Render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar's, and unto God the things that are God's" [Matthew 22:21] Perhaps, Mrs Davis is unfamiliar with this quotation from the Bible and when and how it was used.It is a direct reference to secularity and it's relationship with Christianity. Although the verse has been applied a number of non Christian applications, it still means much the same. Religion? A red herring foor political gain.




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