I was doing something important, when I got one of those news posts that made me stop my important task (finishing off my bottle of wine.) and take no

tice. Those Right Wing idiots are now crying about the “Criminalization of Christianity” after a federal judge jailed Kentucky clerk Kim Davis for refusing to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples.

If Kim can’t do the job she was hired to do, then she should quit. Only politicians give a shit about Kim and once they figure out that Kim’s jailing won’t make a difference, they’ll find another windmill to joust. Two pharmacists also refused to issue birth control and the morning after pill because of their religious beliefs. This is still a democracy and people are allowed their opinion despite differences in belief and behavior.

Employees serve at the behest of their employer, not the other way around. Those who feel that strongly about a particular issue should step down or quit their job. Perhaps, employers and politicians might do well to understand the groups they belittle have 9 million votes to not vote for them. Christianity is not the issue, it is the use of religion to block another’s rights, As a side bar, it should be noted that Ms. Wood has been married four times. Oops! “If you can’t stand the heat—get out of the kitchen.”

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"What do you think of Western civilization?"

"I think it would be a good idea."

(attributed to Mahatma Gandhi, but  
"not well-supported and may be apocryphal")

Hey! That's an insult to a perfectly useful and essential (if sometimes stinky) orifice!

(A fun fact that bears repeating: humans are deuterostomes: as in other vertebrates and a few other animals, the first opening in early embryonic development goes on to become the anus. In other words, at one point each of us was nothing more than an asshole. Fortunately, most people outgrow that stage.)

(image source)

I love it! People on the piece giving us all a lesson in anatomy and development.

That 1000, per cent is some percentage.

It looks like she has spent too much time in the kitchen and not enough time doing rational critical thinking about her employment.

Nor has she put much of the same critical thinking into her relationships.

She's a total loser, every which way we look at her.

Jail time won't fix idiots.

It only makes them more devious and desperate.

I didn't want to go there, but now that you mention it doesn't appear that she missed any meals. Jail time make the dimwitted even more so as they think other ruses.

Only religious dogma could make marriage such a contentious issue. The same goes for alcohol drinking, Sunday shopping, and masturbation. Trivialities.

The latest on KIm Davis is that she (and her lawyers) expect the governor of Kentucky to save her. They claim he is directly over the marriage license issuing so he could make a "special" provision for Kim so she would not have to issue any gay marriage licenses and the rest of the clerks could then issue gay licenses legally. That way poor Kim could "practice her religion in peace."

None of these morons seem to see that Kim is using her job to force everyone else to practice her religion. The real solution is for her to resign because she refuses and does not recognize the law of the land.

Meanwhile, the Westboro Baptist Church has condemned Kim Davis as a hypocrite and says she "has helped bring this gay crisis upon us." This is because Kim is not married to her husband and she must leave him to make everything right. That's because Kim has been married 4 times (twice to the same man) and the Bible says you can only marry once. Poor Kim must leave them all OR go back to her first husband. In her defense Kim has argued that she only became a Christian 4 years ago. That doesn't seem to work because she was a Baptist before that and just 4 years ago became a Pentecostal Apastolic member. It means Kim knew the biblical law before divorcing and her "sin" is not covered under the forgivness of Jesus. Poor Kim.

I'm laughing my ass off here. (LMAO) This is all trucked up!

Let's get them all stoned and see if they have a change of heart.
Including; the devout muslim flight attendant who refuses to serve alcohol even though it's a job requirement.
And the Indiana (?)judge who stopped performing marriages a year ago trying to circumvent the gay marriage law when it came into effect.
How many more are going to try to hide their prejudices behind the cloak of their religion?
Daniel, l agree with your armchair psychoanalysis. I honestly believe the people who have the biggest problems, and proclaim it loudly, with gays have some issued themselves.
Otherwise why would they even care? It's not as if it effects them.

LOL, Sometimes I think the Westbro BC, is a spoof on Christianity.  Who needs Christian comedy when the U.S. has the WBC.  


Right on. Notice in this case that they do not like gays but have claimed it is Kim Davis' marriage practices that have brought America trouble with gays wanting to be married. At another time they want to "protest a funeral" either of a gay, a soldier, or who knows what the fuck else. In my mind a funeral should not be protested. What are you saying -- that the person should not be buried? Why would anyone allow situations of conflict at a funeral? WBC or anyone else causing trouble should not be allowed to be there unless they want to be arrested.




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