Make Lancaster CA a 'Christian community' sez mayor


Mayor R. Rex Parris of Lancaster, CA, a community north of Los Angeles, has a prescription for making the Antelope Valley city a better place to live: make it more Christian. "We're growing a Christian community," Mayor Parris told the audience at a Tuesday state of the city address. "And don't let anybody shy away from that." He also urged citizens to support a municipal ballot measure in April that would allow prayers, even sectarian prayers mentioning specific deities, at city meetings. (more here)

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even sectarian prayers mentioning specific deities

If a Christian community tolerates sectarian deities who's going to answer their prayers? 

There's an answer to that but I'll keep it to myself.

Terrific. What are the Jews, the Hindus, the Jains, and anyone else who isn't a Christian supposed to think about that?

Discriminate much?

Maybe it's going to be a multi-faith Christian community; you never know Loren, the Lord works in mysterious ways.

Never mind sectarian prayers, what about atheist prayers, will they be allowed?

A sectarian prayer is the rough equivalent of kosher bacon! Can we say non sequitur, boys and girls?

It seems to be Christian bacon or nothing.

I can't help but notice that Hugh filed this back in 2010. Nevertheless, I'd be interested in knowing what the fallout was from this incredibly foolish action.

If you start hearing stories of the danger of witchcraft and the immolation of women you'll know Christian values are taking hold.

Well, apparently after being landed on by both Americans United for the Separation of Church and State and the Council on American - Islamic Relations, Lancaster, CA Mayor Rex Parris retracted his comments about turning his town into a christian community, the above-referenced story being dated February of 2010.  This is old news.

Sadly, I have little doubt there's another dipstick out there who thinks he can do the same thing with HIS town.  Freedom - Vigilance.  The two tend to go together.

I don't envy your problems given the size of the wall of ignorance your up against.

One more reason I'm a member of the Freedom From Religion Foundation.




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