Makes You Wonder What Sort of People Would Vote to Send Such a Person to Congress

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Isn't that Rahm Emmanuel?

You're right James. To paraphrase the Bard, "A political hack by any other name."

I sighed with relief when he left the employ of Barack Obama. He allowed attack after attack to go unaddressed, and say what you will about Karl Rove, George W. Bush had a firewall in that man.

Too bad there isn't a Democratic Karl Rove. 

I think.................   :> (

Well, I think you mean a Democratic Karl Rove without the fascist sentiments.


Yes.  And a better-looking one.  Rove has reminded me of Little Lulu's frind, Tubby from the git-go.

Ted, don't you mean Senator LINSIE GLAM, the senator with the brown nose (from sticking it up John McCain's arse).

Same guy, but I prefer to think of him as South Carolina's senator from Israel.


I'm sorry, and this is surely bigoted, but my experience is that goats, and most often those who care for them, don't smell good.


Maybe that's why, when the gods needed meat, they were the first to burn. Followed, by cattle, and virgin daughters.

Michelle Bachmann (a.k.a "Crazy Eyes" Bachmann), is so over-the-top nuts that I would suspect the voters of just wanting some comic relief in their politics...except that nutjobs in politics have such potential to do harm.  So, she's either there for the laughs, or there are a large number of seriously stupid, deluded voters in Minnesota.  Sad.




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