I know that we are all very familiar with those gospel/theist tracts that people pass out and stick EVERYWHERE. I have seen a few tracts for non theists to hand back, ranging from the simplistic ones based on ridicule to the more complex three-fold ones that contain verses, logically based issues with faith/religion, and facts about the sciences. I have decided that I want to make my own that are not ultra rude but present thought provoking quotes or ideas to put alongside the theist pamphlets that I come across in waiting rooms and the like.

If you were going to make an atheistic pamphlet, what would you choose to write in it? Thanks for your insight friends!

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Well, sometimes you need to be a little bit rude, but I feel that generally people see atheists in a cold and unfriendly way, even though we are just normal people. If someone is rude to me, I would consider being rude in return if the situation called for it, but if I was to make a pamphlet that was overly negative, I feel that it would add to that generally negative perception that many people have of us, you know? I would rather make one that was thought provoking and nice to read than one that makes someone say to themselves, "Wow, atheists are a bunch of know-it-all jerks!" I want to educate and encourage people to explore rather than shut down their minds in irritation.

I like your image, by the by!

Here's a more specific secular humanistic pamphlet, written from a U.S. perspective and directed towards onlookers of those anti-gay fundamentalist Christian protesters that often show up at LGBT pride events.

(Each thumbnail is a link to the 300dpi printable version.)


Greetings! The Cleveland Freethinkers are planning a counter-protest on the National Day of Prayer and we were discussing atheist cards and tracts to hand out. Has anyone mass-produced such a thing? If so, please let me know. We'll need them before May 2nd: http://www.meetup.com/clevelandfreethinkers/events/107001212/commen...

Two important issues to put up front: 1.) People look for community and many stay in churches for that very reason. Community building is both rewarding and inspiring  2.) Many people fear consequences of turning away from god. The fear-factor can very easily be remedied by all the benefits of realizing a person doesn't have to wait for instructions from god to know the meaning and purpose of life, that each one bears responsibility to define him/herself and create his/her own path. 

I'm not good at this type of creativity, however, very many of our members have talents that knock ones socks off. 




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