I know that we are all very familiar with those gospel/theist tracts that people pass out and stick EVERYWHERE. I have seen a few tracts for non theists to hand back, ranging from the simplistic ones based on ridicule to the more complex three-fold ones that contain verses, logically based issues with faith/religion, and facts about the sciences. I have decided that I want to make my own that are not ultra rude but present thought provoking quotes or ideas to put alongside the theist pamphlets that I come across in waiting rooms and the like.

If you were going to make an atheistic pamphlet, what would you choose to write in it? Thanks for your insight friends!

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Here are some by the Freedom from Religion Foundation - might give you some ideas.

Steph, these are great.  Thank you for posting!  Excellent resource!

You are just so connected to cool information . . . must be the invisible plane that can take you anywhere to collect it. :)

James, yes it is the invisible plane. : )
I need to get some of these. I just kind of wish I could see inside!!!
Click on the thumbnail image to see inside the non-tract Kisgva.
Wow. I get an "F". Thanks!

Here's something someone else made up and I got a hold of.  Give a look when you have a moment.


I like that Loren.

Loren, excellent pamphlet!

This is actually the pamphlet that first inspired me to make my own! XD

Why don't you want to make ultra rude pamphlets ?




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