Man forces way into Florida preschool yells at kids about god, allah and so much more.

somehow Ryan managed to get through the locked door. According to the school's website, parents have a code and may enter the school at anytime. After getting inside, the intruder went into a play room and started screaming, "Don't listen to God. He is not real. Listen to Allah," reports He screamed some more, "Don't feed those crying babies. Let them die!"

ftw? how about wtf!?!?
Is the whole god thing a way into insanity/free night at crazy ward?
little does this guy know they'll give you aerosol poisoning and moldy pancakes in the psychosis slammer, in Broward county FL that is... then again summoning allah may get you a night elsewhere for interrogation... hrrmm...

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Well he's convinced me. Here I was all secure in my beliefs, but along comes a madman screaming about which god I'm supposed to believe in. Yup. I'm totally converted now. That was all it took.

*Rolls eyes*

Of course, if he came in ranting about the Xian god, I'm guessing he'd be lauded as a hero.
I read a first-hand account in a pro-life newsletter about a lady who got on a school bus trying to hand out pro-life propoganda and when the bus driver told the kids to throw away the papers the lady said "they throw babies away too!"

I don't think mainstream Christians would think breaking into a school would be admirable, though, since everyone is so overprotective of their kids.
I really, wow, I think activities caused by religion are the only ones that can leave me speechless for a moment these days. Except for the reports regarding the Republican Party in Texas, they don't have any religious associations at all...

A Pre-School! Damn, they are looking young for converts. Well, I guess that is the most impressionable time. Maybe it will teach the kids a good lesson about religion in general... probably not. But, I can hope.
activities caused by religion are the only ones that can leave me speechless
also in FL you'd be surprised by the amount of violence when it comes to people fighting over pills; drug money disagreements or coming up short; don't forget your gun! seems the mind-control is legal but the drug are not... hrrmmm..
yeah god is fake but allah is totally real. haha
so fucking stupid, if these people want to convert someone they don't sneak into a fucking building and yell at kids. geeez, I thought we were above this, if they want to convert people so bad then they need to go door to door or something geez. (although thats quite annoying its better than them yelling at kids about allah.)
On the whole God/Allah thing, it really bugs me that these nitwits don't realize that they're fighting each other over the same god.

I've been thinking of designing a shirt that reads:

Abraham = Avraham = Ibrahim
Get over it!
Islam and Christianity are identical twins in different clothing.
I think of different religions as brand names, especially the monotheistic ones, although instead of different clothes I think Christianity just had its balls cut off.
Well, way to make Islam look good, once again. The commercials for Islam keep getting more and more enticing...



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