Assuming you watch TV news or read a local paper, you may have heard about a dead man in Florida named Rudy Eugene who berserkered on weed and attacked a bystander, Ronald Poppo.  A street person in his 60s, Poppo apparently did not know what hit him.  The autopsy showed only marijuana in Eugene's system, but the police initially suspected a synthetic or designer drug called bath salts (technically, methylenedioxypyrovalerone) since, apparently, this drug has caused bizarre behavior in some.  (I take everything the Associated Press says about street drugs with a grain of salt -- just not that kind of salt.)  To put it bluntly, Rudy Eugene went chupacabra on poor Poppo.  You remember the urban legend of chupacabras don't you, the goat-like or half-goat, half-man creatures that were mutilating livestock in the Mexican deserts? But the autopsy ruled out bath salts, LSD, and synthetic marijuana (aka "potpourri").

Now, I must suppose that marijuana use might conceivably bring out a violent streak even in a person known, as Rudy Eugene was, by family and friends, as a non-violent, nice person with a cheery disposition and friendly attitude...or so Eugene was described.  I have been a heavy user of alcohol -- got off it 18 years ago and have no interest in ever drinking again, as bad a crutch as Jesus.  I started smoking weed in the wild 60s in L.A. where it was delivered door to door.  (We had our own studio dealer when I worked at Paramount.  He had Thai sticks and Tibetan temple balls.)  I can tell you as a person of authority that the personality of a zonked pothead is Dr. Jekyl; the same personality on alcohol, Mr. Hyde.  (Some actually claim that Stevenson was using the split personality as a metaphor for dipsomania.)  Booze makes people nasty, hurtful, snarly, creepy, hard to get along with, and paranoid.  Pot might make an amateur smoker paranoid, and hey, just because you are paranoid doesn't mean no one's out to get you. But pot mellows and pacifies.  It is alcohol that should be illegal; alas, we tried that and it did not work.

Rudy Eugene literally ate a lot of Mr. Poppo's face off.  (They probably will make a movie about it and call it Face Off.)  I mean, this is something a bear might do if you got lost in the wild and came upon her with her cubs accidentally, or even a chupacabra, should you encounter one of those.  (I've been all over Mexico and I never saw one.)  The story said Poppo was horribly disfigured.  Think of that poor woman whose friend's chimp got frisky and brought on about 158 skin grafts.  I got to read the AP story a little further and laughed hysterically right there in a local eatery, the San Luis Mexican Restaurant, spitting out half of my taquito, sending chorizo and egg across the table.  I could not believe my eyes!  The writer was calling this crime inexplicable, and since the police shot Eugene to death, we will never be able to ask him what it was that, to quote his brother, "triggered" such behavior.  Well, my God, there is was!:

"Eugene's friends and family have said he was religious."

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Embarassing  enough; I have to acknowledge that I am not as well read on this subject as I should be!  So, I apologize for this.


I remember a scene in a very good movie starring Jack Nicholson; "Hoffa"!  In the scene Jimmy Hoffa was in the office of Bobby Kennedy's and Hoofa was giving Bobby down the road about his allegations of being connected with organized crime and some mis-use of the Teamsters Pension Fund.  And, in the scene Jimmy Hoffa mentions that the Kennedy are nothing more than Rum-Runners and thats how they came into power!  And, of course Jimmy Hoffa being of Irish descent!

I remember the scene very well.  That is exactly how I remember it.

men like dog not far from snap at all times especially with proper training. there's dark sides to all bible thumpers is all i can say. couple that w/synthetic weed keep u up for days not good. sure it was 'THC' but mixed w/some chinese shit! ; ) state should have tried to help him at 'threatened to kill mother' look it up tazed em'

Gosh, Guitar Zeroh, I had no idea there was anyone so up on this story when I posted about it originally.

James, funny you should mention Burroughs.  Brings back memories of the ‘60s and Allan Ginsberg.  I always loved Burroughs line where he compared bureaucrat functionaries to walking ticker tape machines spewing pre-programmed pap.  I don’t have it exact but something like that.  Right on.

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I clicked on the Atheist Novel!  It's August so I assume you made the July cut!

James, I think the excerpt brings out a serious problem.  Middle class families would rather submit their children to the rigors of indoctrination rather than violence-prone city schools.  This gives the churches the power to produce the leaders of the next generation. 

Consider the Repubican debates for presidential nominee.  Not one candidate raised their hand when asked if they believe in evolution.  This is more ignorant than the public at random. 

To tell the truth, I think the candidates were wooing evangelicals and knew that saying they believe in evolution would screw them.  Remember, though, McCain said he believed in evolution..."but I also enjoy a nice sunset" (or words to that effect, implying belief).  Points to yet another reason he lost to Barack: equivocation.  Romney is good at it, too.  For me, there is no middle ground.  You either believe we are the products of millions of years of natural selection, or we are the creation of God, who put us on earth all at once about 6,000 years ago, in Mesopotamia, not Africa, and that this same god created dinosaurs at the exact same time.  The creationists claim that "God put fossils in the earth to fool Darwinists."  Anyone who makes a statement like that is a total, unmitigated capital "I" Ignoramus.

The 'set up' was a little long .......but the punchline was priceless.

In the words of the immortal Sheldon Cooper, Bazinga!

James, what’s your opinion on my supposition in Mirror Reversal that the Church has usurped inestimable power due to the deplorable condition of the public systems across the country, particularly in the inner cities?  The line I’m referring to is: 

“Urban schools are so tough that most families with any money would rather pay high tuition for private or parochial school than a free public school.  What’s that tell you?”

Are you familiar with the Lateran Pacts of 1929?  Mussolini and Pius XI (predecessor of the controversial Pius XII) carved up Italy like a bloody pizza pie.  The Vatican was established as an independent state, the national religion and got control of family matters (like outlawing divorce), national holidays and the school system. 

It’s relevant because U.S. parochial schools are acquiring fresh young minds by default, ready to be conditioned and proselytized.  It’s as if there’s an entente cordiale between the churches and the government that sets up this self-perpetuating system.  It’s not that parents are devout; they just want their kids in a disciplined and non-violent atmosphere.

In memetics there’s a concept of “belief space.”  A young child entering school is like a blank slate on which anything can be written.  Children are extraordinarily vulnerable because of evolutionary pressures.  They’ll believe any nonsense the sisters and brothers feed them.  Clerics are quick to take advantage of this human trait and the cycle turns over and over.  Even in my own family, as anti-Church as I am, I sent my own son to St. Martha’s rather than the tough, anti-intellectual public high school. 

I think that’s one way the Church is maintaining power and hegemony in this country.  They control who gets higher education and political power. 


The pols allowed the educational system to go into decline for the same reason one party is trying to severely limit access to the polls.  Uneducated people make poor citizens.  There is a process ongoing whereby the people are dumbed down so that they will not see a con when it pops up. Only the best educated rise to the top.  It may be a coincidence that the churches, and especially the RCC, operates so many of our private schools, but I doubt it.  That was the point of the voucher controversy.  If you can afford a private school you are going to get 10X the education you get in public school.  We are an oligarchy, not a democracy.  And oligarchs remain in power by keeping the masses ingorant.  That explains the "America is a Christian nation" b.s. too, since the oligarchs, a Seneca said, know how to use social issues -- especially so-called "religious freedom" -- to manipulate the voters.  That's my take on it.  Dovetails to large extent with yours!

marijuana...i hope it is soon legalized.




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