I have seen the subject of mandated voting on the web recently, It makes me shutter. I once was in that camp. I believed that as a U.S. citizen it was one's duty to vote. I have since changed my mind.

The idea sounds great at first. If one lives in a democracy or more appropriately a Representative/Constitutional Republic one should participate in it. There is one major problem with this. It is much like talking to Christians about the bible. In most cases they will have very strong opinions about he Bible. When you actually get to specifics, it is easy to determine they have almost no actual knowledge about the bible.

   Few people really pay that much attention to the issues at all. The extent of their knowledge is based on blurbs they have heard on the radio on the way to work. If they are really sophisticated they might watch the news occasionally. They are only familiar with sound bytes from politicians whom do not wish to educate but to sway opinions. These sound bytes come from the media. We are now all familiar with the term "False News."

It takes time and effort to ferret out false news. I am sure I think things are true that are not due to false news, I know I don't even know what they are.  Right before actual election day there will be much false news that comes out about everyone at all levels of government. I will give an example. Lets say someone is running or local mayer and it comes out on the internet and newspapers that he has been accused of being a baby raper. No one wants to vote for a child molester, I don't want to. Would it change my mind? No not at all. I know it is probably false news and that he will be cleared. If not I expect him to be held accountable to the full power of the law.  The only reason that such tactics are used is that they work. The average person that is not aware of false news or how politics work will change their vote on impulse.

If someone does not keep up with the issues and is not aware of political tactics and the impact of false news, I do not want them voting at all. An uneducated vote is just like the sheeple in the pews that will do whatever the pastor says without thinking. A vote can often be often counterproductive to a community. An uneducated vote is dangerous.

  If people do not want to vote or are unconcerned about voting I am very happy for them to stay home. I do not want their impulsive sound byte opinions affecting my life.

Rant complete. 

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@Comp: If one lives in a democracy or more appropriately a Representative/Constitutional Republic....

You didn’t know it then, nor did I, that the term “Representative/Constitutional Republic” is gobbledegook for “oligarchy”, or “rule by a few.”

I’m now reading of the 1790-era political battles Federalists (“Centralists” describes them truthfully) fought to block the adoption of what we know as the Bill of Rights. In Carol Berkins’ “The Bill of Rights”, it’s plain that but for the media-drenched nation we now have, the public then heard as much partisanship as we hear today.

 Thank you. I will have to get the book and put it on the "to read" bookshelf.

Comp, when I look at my Kindle’s “to read” list, I think “So many books, so little time.”

I see your point but I disagree. We have always had false news. Trump prides himself with being the one who brought in the term "fake news" and we all hear everyone saying it. If Trump is correct we have to ask just where he gets his news? The answer is that he is trying to prevent anyone talking against him in any way. Trump is "fake news" and a fake president. He's a liar and a conman. 

Will church members be told the truth about candidates in an election? Absolutely not. 

Will the Dems and the GOP tell the truth about the candidates? Absolutely not. 

A person can fact check what is being said. It's pretty easy but everybody will not do it. They hear things and their mind is made up. They have a political favorite and will not switch regardless.

On into the latest school shooting in Florida. This happened because we are not being taught the value of human life. It's true that the 19 year old shooter should not be able to buy the gun legally. He can't even buy a car or rent an apartment legally. This is in part due to our current shithole administration. Half of them cannot even get a security clearance for the job, and you should have that clearance before you start the job. Smiling pics of the Trumps with a shooting victim in hospital are greatly out of place and ridiculous.

When you need a support base and convince the lowest white person that he is better than the highest person of color this is what you get. Leadership that is biased and out of step. A nation that is greatly out of step. I urge everyone to vote in November 2018. I also urge them to fact check and to read. We all know that we can do better than this.




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