Manny's Mom Explains it All For Us: Abandon Catholicism, Lose Matches

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You can blame the Spanish for introducing catholicism to the Philippines.

The country is overpopulated and poor. The Marcos family is still in politics. Contraceptives are not freely available and corruption is rife. Superstition is commonplace.

God needs to be kicked out of the Philippines and soon.

Interesting chick and egg situation there.  Are they more superstitious because of Catholicism or did they allow themselves to fall into its web because they were superstitious to begin with?

They are superstitious because they are religious. (There is a sizable portion of Muslims in the Philippines as well.)

Protestants are just as superstitious as Catholics, they are just more arrogant about it.

P's more arrogant than C's?

"Kiss up, kick down" described C's in my sixty-years-ago Catholic days, though I did not then know the term.

We were to be humble with and obey priests and nuns.

As to all other religions, priests and nuns endlessly told us "Error has no rights." That's ARROGANCE.

Catholicism was introduced in the 16th century and prior to this time the Philippinos were animists with a strong belief in spirits and ancestor worship. These beliefs are merged into Philippino catholicism in my experience. It makes for very faithful people.

James. the chick and egg question has an easy answer.

Older species than chicken laid eggs.

If you're asking whether chicken or chicken eggs came first, good luck.

Human superstition preceded Catholic superstition.

Superstition is the Vatican's gravy train.  

Superstition, and the fear it requires, are RELIGION'S gravy train.


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