Many GOP Xians Have Thrown Jesus Away and Are Worshipping Donald

I don’t hate the GOP xians I know but I want to give them some tough love. I will phrase it as a question.

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You and I know Jesus is a fiction; a problem is that Donald isn’t a fiction.

And his followers are not fictitious characters. 

Jesus probably is a fictional character created by Rome but there is too much evidence pointing to the fact that Trump is the anti-Christ. As you may know, the early Christians never mentioned Jesus of Nazareth. 

Please consider spreading my Donald Trump AntiChrist blog. It will piss off the Trumptards.

I expect any day now that some of these lying idiots will say "I don't know how I can make it through a single day without him."

Recently a supporter told me that Trump isn't racist, fascist, or white supremacist. He doesn't mock the lame, women, or less fortunate in any way. That's just Trumps way of getting your attention. He doesn't really mean it. OK. Let's apply that logic to the school shooters. It makes a lot of sense now doesn't it. Maybe they didn't really mean it.

Michael, you point out the essential fact, they really mean it.

They are either delusional or lying. I think the Trumpanzees are lying. The birthers didn't believe Obama was born in Kenya and they also knew that even if he were born in Kenya it would not have mattered because his mother was American same as McCain's and Cruz's. McCain was born in Panama and Cruz was born in Canada. 

Trump supporters are dangerous liars and some are delusional. They need to be ridiculed and punched. 

YES! Those hypocrites now have a Las Vegas pimp running for the Nevada state senate. They elected a serial cheater and pedophile and now they are endorsing a famous Las Vegas pimp. It boggles the mind. 

I just started a blog called Trump the Anti-Christ Please visit it and please help spread it. 

I have generally believed that Biblical prophesy was BS but now I am not so sure. 

I still believe that Jesus never existed because the early Christians never mentioned him. Maybe Christ of the concept of Christ is a good thing?

Elizabeth Christ Trump died on 6/6 1966. She was Conald's grand mother and the reason for the Trump real estate empire. By all accounts she was a good woman. Elizabeth means Oath. 

There are many many 666 Trump connections that seem too many to be a coincidence. 

As evil as Trump is, his supporters are worse. 




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