Britain is conducting a census on 27 March in which it asks people to declare their religious affiliation. The British Humanist Association questions the legitimacy of the way the questions are framed and has conducted its own survey in England, Scotland and Wales. What it found was that although 61% of respondents said they belonged to a religion, when they were further asked if they were religious, 65% said they weren't.


Among respondents who identified themselves as Christian, fewer than half said they believed Jesus Christ was a real person who died, came back to life and was the son of God.

Another 27% said they did not believe that at all, while 25% were unsure.


BBC news

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Makes you proud to be British, dunnit. A BBC survey in 2001 showed similar results, although they may be large regional variations. Areas with a traditional Prod/Catholic division might still contain inherited factors. North and west Wales are still strongly Chapel as far as I know. But progress is being made. The next challenge will be reaching immigrant communities who so often use religion as a way of retaining identity, particularly when felling threatened by racism.
Yeah, reminds me of the Scandinavian countries.  Aren't their theistic percentages rising, due to Muslim immigrants?

yes they are. and so is the gross religious driven violence against the slightest thing.

"honor" killings, revenge killings, burning down buildings, riots,....its a mess right now.

and every time there is a crack down on it they scream about the government not respecting there "religion", start demanding special privileges etc...

Rape is apparently also out of control, in Sweden.

there is a book "day of the triffids". it points out the unworkableness (?) of a sociaty built on power strugles and rule from authority. it was made into a movie but the movie censors did not like the original storie line and changed it to a sort of "god(s) fixes everything in the end".

fuck the the book.

we just need to reject the current structure and start a new one. work only with this current government enough to keep them off our backs and just start a rational real life not just online.

a sort of atheist only country.


but at least it would be a rational utopia.




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