From "Why Many Progressives Say They've Come Back To Bernie Sanders" (NPR):

...with just days until the first votes of the 2020 presidential contest, in Iowa, it appears that progressives are coming back to Sanders. His polling has risen in recent weeks, as a number of progressive groups announced their support for him and as many voters on the left ultimately decided to stick with him....

...Many progressives... felt the issues that Sanders has championed, such as "Medicare for All," were now part of the party's mainstream debate.

But as the campaign dragged on, some voters, like New Hampshire gubernatorial candidate Andy Volinsky, began to have doubts about other candidates.

"I am not convinced that Sanders' level of commitment to things like Medicare for All exists among very many other candidates," he said.

...Quincy [Abramson] wants drastic change. She thinks capitalism is the root of almost every problem in this country, so she told her dad how she sees Warren: "She does know how to work within the system more and play the game better and, for you, that's pragmatic, and for me, that's scary."

Quincy is supporting Sanders again. She said she came to that decision partly because of how he speaks, compared with Warren.

"The feeling I get from the way Warren talks about going into office is, you know, 'I have a plan for that. Vote for me. Trust me, and I'll handle it,' " she said. "While Bernie's is, 'We have to do this together.' "...

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We never stopped supporting Bernie.

Good for you! I thought he was getting too old for the stress of that job. Even his heart put up red flags. However, he is a fighter, a firebrand, just what we need. I am with you. 

I am one of those returning to Sanders. Why?

He is consistent over time in his goals even as he is pragmatic. 

He has experience in national government. 

He is not beholden to money-powers. 

He is better suited to the Executive Branch because of his experience in the Legislative. 

He can build coalitions by working with both parties.

He might be able to purge the corruption in his administration. 

I would call Bernie the head of the progressive movement, and I identify with that. Once in debate he was explaining Medicare for all and his opponent said to Bernie, "you don't know this" as Bernie explained it. Bernie's answer was that he does know it because he wrote the bill.

It's nice to see that I'm not the only Bernie rooter, especially being of older age.

Who are Bernie's allies, social dems or demo-socialists, in Congress?

We progressives have to stop wishing for a savior-president.

Don’t get angry; get social-democrats into Congress. 

Without them, a President Sanders would have no allies.




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