Hello there. I'm (since monday) 17. Are there many more atheist teenagers here?
Where are from? What are your stories?
Do you like coke? I sure do.
Coke for all, Al.

I'm not a junkie or anything.
I like the soda. Coke. I actually prefer the classic one, ok?
In my country it's called Coca-Cola

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Check me out here if you like: http://ayoungatheist.blogspot.com/
Hey Almeidinha, I'll be a teenager for 4 more months :O
Check out this group:

So what's happening? Are you into that phase of curiosity where you're checking out atheist vs. theist debates and stuff?
Well thanks!
Haha, no. I'm not into "that phase".
You could say I was never that religious.
Here: http://ayoungatheist.blogspot.com/2010/02/how-i-became-atheist.html
Yeah, me neither. My parents cared more about high grades than my "eternal soul". I wouldn't be so assertive with my atheism if religion wasn't so pervasive in my country :(
How is religion in Brazil?
i'm 13
Hey! I'm 17 myself. Teenager, technically.
And I love coke, oh yes I do. I love diet coke and cherry coke the most. -slobber-
I come from a weirdo mashup of a Baptist mom/ex-Catholic dad. If I were a car, I'd be one of the tiny hybrid cars from Europe. I can tell you more, if you'd like. Until then, welcome to A|N and enjoy yourself.
Coke? I enjoy nose candy.
Almeidinha, is it "coke" or "Coke" you enjoy. There's a big difference. If you're using "coke" then do yourself a big favor and ditch the habit, it'll end up screwing up your life beyond belief. Yeah, its fun now but the long term effects are not fun at all, to say the least.
Ahn, I don't know the difference. I mean this coke: http://www.flickr.com/photos/44007923@N05/4248118601/

Yeah, I know it probably sucks, but it's the only kind of addiction I really have =P

Well, answering Objection now:

You know, it actually pretty easy to eb an atheist here. At least for me.
Not many come wanting to discuss religion, people are more understanding. However they just don't want to talk. They take it too personal. =/

Is it hard there?
lol that picture reminded me of a movie called Demons. There's this scene where a bunch of coke heads are riding around in a car sniffing nose candy out of a Coke can.
What's a nose candy?
Coke can mean cocain?
Hmmm. Nope, I like the cola. Like pepsi. But i hate pepsi.


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