In the show "Ecuador's Got Talent", Maria Fernanda Rios, stupidly criticized 16 Year Old Carolina Peña for being an atheist.

As if religious belief has anything to do with talent whatsoever.

Her criticism was a non-sequitur fallacy and she should be removed from judging talent shows altogether for her idiotic notions of you cannot have talent without being delusional.

Evidently Rios is extremely delusional and wants everybody to be as delusional as she is.

There is no place in such talent shows for such extremely irrational bigotry from judging panels.

Ecuador should rename the show: "Ecuador's God Bigots Deriding Talented People".


The program claims that Maria Fernanda Rios, was only giving advice, but such flawed and extremely idiotic advice in any talent show is totally uncalled for.

Because any Sane, Rational Human on the Planet Earth, knows that Religious Belief has nothing to do with Talent.

Rios is forgetting all the thousandsof extremely successful, talented atheist performers out there, which are growing exponentially in number constantly.

As they grow out of childish, fantasies like religious beliefs.

Something the delusional Rios has failed to achieve, so she is evidently incapable of Rational Critical Thinking and incapable of Rational Criticism of Talent.

Instead she resorts to throwing Irrational Bigotry at Emerging Talent and possibly damaging them psychologically with her Nonsensical Advice.

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One can only hope that the next time an atheist in such a situation is confronted with a bigoted judge, they are prepared with a rebuttal to knock said judge's pins out from under them!

Yes Loren, even if the girl just asked the Question.

How can a belief in god improve my performance?

And then question all the fallacies that the judges are likely to come up with.

Here is a link to a FB video on the Ecuador's Got Talent incident.

Here are some still shots showing the stupidity of Maria Rios.


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