I just saw part of a report by John Stossell on marijuana. Is there any other plant that is illegal to use? Cocaine? I know, i'm a dope. I'm kind of ignorant when it comes to drugs. Maybe you know more. The evidence for marijuana helping with medical conditions is overwhelming, but the state of california and the federal government don't seem to be in sync on this. Do you think that the people who are so dead set against marijuana tend to be xtian? This analogy just came to me; here it is: Xtians are so quick to take a man made pill with many side effects, but are dead set against something that obviously works, and is natural. See where i'm going? If you don't, think of religion as a pill, and atheism as marijuana. Personally, i don't use marijuana, but don't hold it against anyone who does. My grandparents (r.i.p.), their friends, and others their age, seem to to take pride in taking pills. They have a nice little row of brown bottles with white caps, like it's very normal. They are proud to display these pills, and won't hesitate to tell you how many pills they have to take in a day. They couldn't even see that it was killing them. My grandmother was a zombie when she passed. I don't think i've known anyone to get violent when using marijuana. I just happened to grow up around alot of substance abuse, witnessed 2 deaths from prescription drug mixing, and more. I just prefer to be 100%. I try not to take ANY pills. It's because of what i witnessed, the tylenol scare, paranoia, whatever. Right now, i have a pulled back muscle, and a couple people tried to give me some aleve and ibuprofen, and i refuse. If i were to use anything, a proven plant like the marijuana plant seems to be the safest bet.

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Marijuana should be legal. No doubt about it. Treat it like alcohol, and make sure people know the health risks. Yes, there are risks - if you smoke it, you can damage your lungs. If you are prone to schizophrenia, there's evidence it increases the risk, although whether it's causation or correlation is unclear.

Legalize it and tax it and allow people to grow their own.

On the pill front - I'm all for science based medicine. There are some huge issues with pharma-funded studies, but I'd rather take something that's at least got a protocol for documenting harm than some woo-derived whackiness. Legalizing marijuana lets scientists study it more effectively, and potentially find the magic ingredients and doses to reduce harm - like the insane desire to snack until the chips are GONE! Mmm, chips.
lol. good ending :)
marijuana's not for everybody, but it definitely should be decriminalized in the very least or made completely legal at the most. i think the problem for most public policy makers is the precedent decriminalization/legitimization sets up for other substances. from a legislator's perspective, if we make pot legal, then how far down the road will methamphetamine be legal?

i am a bit of an anarchist (read: LIBERTARIAN for those of you who are scared of the word 'anarchy/ist') when it comes to drugs. i say: let social darwinism take hold of the masses regarding drug use. if you have not the IQ or wherewithall to keep from getting addicted and overdosing (or worse), then our gene pool is better off without you.

but what about driving while intoxicated and other drug-induced wrecklessness with direct societal consequences? we have this already. i would argue that the level at which our pharmaceutical companies are affecting social relationships to a devastating degree is already at its peak plateau. adding currently illicit substances would not necessarily aggravate this in the long term. we might have more vivid and therefore remarkable events (such as a meth driven shooting spree), but the not-so-apparant social erosion on an interpersonal scale is already occuring. i doubt it would be worse. but no one will know for sure until we try it!
i just pontificated without answering your initial question. how utterly annoying. sorry. cocaine does come from a plant, but there's a process that usually includes petroleum distillates. there are lots and lots of psychoactive plants. Jimson Weed is one example. But i would highly suggest you do not ingest it as you might overheat and die, but you would have hella hallucinations before you went. (it's also called "loco weed" and ranchers try to keep their horses and cattle away from it as it can cause horses, for example, to run off inexplicably and crazily)...basically any plant that produces alkaloids that fit the receptors in our brain cells will have some effect. (the most commonly consumed plants: coffee, tea, and tobacco. but this also includes the opioids - morphine, heroin and their cousins - all from the mother poppie plant.)

Leave the plant world and enter the fungi world and you open another door to hallucinogenic possibilities. The Psilocybe genus of mushrooms are particularly favored by Deadheads and Phishheads alike. I wouldn't suggest taking a hike and picking mushrooms and eating them without the accompaniment of a highly experienced mycologist, however.

i encourage you to do a bit of googling or visit the erowid.com website.
Here's the John Stossel report i was referring to > http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m0vpzxWU9io Hell, the whole show is worth watching. I've never heard of loco weed. I did get chased by a horse once, and ran into a barb wire fence. I got messed up pretty good. That horse was definitely loco. I could have used some weed then. In the same area, there was this rare tree that grew small red cherries or fruit. Some deer ate the fermented fruit one morning, and we saw them stumbling around in the ditch. It would have been an easy kill, but we were too busy laughing. We were kids and did the same thing the next year; we ate the berries, and stumbled around in the ditch. I'm glad we didn't experiment with mushrooms.
I'm a huge advocate against the current 'Drug War'. I also smoke marijuana on a regular basis.
I've see grown adults crawl on the floor and piss themselves when drunk.
I've seen sensible young people turn into schizophrenics after smoking dope.
Evidence or not - I wouldn't risk it.
Well it's your personal choice and not taking recreational drugs is certainly always safer, but do you really think that "evidence or not_" is a sensible approach to - well - anything?
Sounds rather religious to my ears.
smoking dope? you mean pot? schizophrenics? really??? you mean paranoid, right? Well, if it was legal, then they wouldn't be paranoid. and if they were, then i dont think theyd smoke.
I also am 100% pill/drug free.
I'm also a vegetarian and caffeine free.
I also feel great.

Smoke stinks and most mainstream medications treat symptoms and do not cure the actual problem.
Obviously science is incredible and many medications are great when you must have them.
I would vote to legalize marijuana, but I will never have people that use it in my life.

I am no prude, I have my flaws and I understand that we cannot prevent the inevitable from happening, (like driving under the influence - because idiots will) but anyone that I have ever known (and I've known a lot) that does use or would use marijuana regularly if it was legal is generally not the kind of person that I would want to associate with simply because I think substances like that are dangerous and unattractive - even occasionally. I prefer to have people around that care about their bodies and are entertained by personality and life and not chemicals.

Anyone that waves off the fact that smoking (in any form) is harmful should not be taken seriously.
We know so much now scientifically about the harm that only fools would treat themselves that way.

I'm very liberal and as adults we should be free to make our own choices. Sometimes people think that means that we also have to support habits like smoking, alcohol and substance abuse. That is completely wrong. I also have the choice to protect myself and my family. Harming yourself is your business, but you cannot also expect people to take pride in someone's ridiculous and harmful choices.
I think most pills are from some kind of plant too, but totally manufactured. I see your analogy.

I just think that because it's illegal, they complain about it. Do you hear them whining about drinking all that much? Well, they sure as Dobbs did in the 20's.
The reason why many people abuse drugs is because they have another compulsive disorder. This I learned after learning that I have ADHD just two years ago. I am a frequent pot head and I cannot dispute what you said. I think by the way you may be write about the flaxseed oil but also that it wasn't a misdiagnoses. Cataracts have a relationship to cholesterol, and the flax seed and weight loss may be what is doing the trick.




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