I just teamed up with women’s lib writer Barbara Walker and Dr. Lester Grinspoon of Harvard Medical School to publish on Kindle Pot Stories and Atheist Essays 

One piece, “Pot Story,” offers a very persuasive polemic for legalization and at the same time shows some of the misery and suffering that unwise laws have caused over the decades.  One section describes Harry Anslinger, the founder and first commissioner of the Prohibition Movement, as a conspicuous bigot and inarguable moron. 

Ms. Walker, in her inimitable style, writes of the abuses of religion over the centuries and the mistreatment of women, mostly due to original sin.

Also included is a podcast of Dr. Grinspoon where he categorically states there is no physical damage to the body at all.  He tells the story of how he first turned on, exhorted by none other than Carl Sagan on a cruise to a conference in Europe. 

If you’re interested in marijuana, either medically or recreationally, this is a must read so you’ll know what you’re doing or talking about.  Lot’s to discuss, n’est-ce pas?  


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Part of the reason for making drugs illegal may be the dislike of religious people for non-religious ways to altered ways of consciousness.  The drugs that might give people transcendent experiences are illegal. 

I have no bad feelings about legalizing pot. It was legal in earlier days at the turn of the century, and came into bad favor again with our "war on drugs" campaign. Smoking it would effect your lungs the way cigarettes do, except that you would smoke less pot. It could be regulated in use the same way cigarettes and alcohol are regulated today. This would put it under governmental control which would knock down the high prices and also keep the marijuana free of other additives, making it more safe for use.

Legalizing pot might take a bite out of crime also, but I see 2 reasons this is not happening:

1.  Some drug dealers would lose a lot of money and they might come from high places.

2.  Fundies would have a total fit because Jebus doesn't like it.

Right on, Dennis.  To add to your reasons consider that billions are spent and wasted on drug law enforcement.  These people contribute nothing to society except fight a never-ending war that's impossible to win.  

Also, billions are spent and wasted in a penal system that persecutes perpetrators of victimless crimes.  It costs something like 50 thousand a year to incarcerate someone, many convicted because of the paranoia and disinformation surrounding grass.

On the other hand, the government could bring in billions of dollar over the years in taxes.  This money could be used to tangibly improve the infrastructure, help the impoverished inner cities or help the homeless.  

I agree with doing away with the victimless crimes in general.  As I said in a blog post, legalized prostitution bothers me as a woman, but I think it's a good idea anyway, because it's better for the prostitutes. 

It's terribly silly to spend government resources on trying to force people not to make what some consider bad personal choices. 

I have 2 friends, who are free of  cancer, because of the cbd in the plant.

If you’re interested in marijuana, either medically or recreationally, this is a must read so you’ll know what you’re doing or talking about.

Um, I can tell for myself.  Marijuana is an experience after all. 

Thanks for the endorsement, Laura.  I hope you’re talking about my Pot Stories, the ad on the right with the plant.


Grass is more than an experience; it’s a way of life.  Consider the Woodstock Nation.  During the ‘60s, to me there were two kinds of people in the country:  pro-war flag wavers and pot smoking hippies.  I think history bore out the superiority or moral high road of the latter worldview.  Kids dying in Iraq and Afghanistan is a continuation of Viet Nam.  Only difference is soldiers in my generation fought for “the military/industrial complex” that Eisenhower warned us about.  In our time young soldiers fight and die for Halliburton.

As stated in the book, grass helps free us from the socialization process started in public school, as well as consumption motivating conditioning brought on my TV and a constant barrage of advertising. It helps us regain our humanity so we can feel again.  


No, I'm talking about the plant.  I can interpret it for myself.

Watching Nancy Grace recently, she is getting all worked up and out of hand with stories of kids and pot, then the car wreck story where the "pot princess" goes the wrong way and kills someone. These stories are tragic for sure, but Nancy wants to take it all back to pot being legal in Colorado and the car wreck happened in Florida, for Thor's sake! Nancy trys to make a mountain out of a molehill in how to handle this and what we are creating here, but forgets that stoned is stoned! You handle this just like you do alcohol.

1. Anyone can be high on any drug and kill you.

2. Anyone can buy pot at any time even if it is illegal.

The real facts pretty much negates her arguements but Nancy says openly that she is concerned that someone wants to harm her children. She even dreams about this at night. (Get counciling Nancy.) Is she trying to take this pot thing all the way back to prohibition? We've been there before. That just won't work.

Nancy Grace is not a TV 'talking head.' She is a loud mouth screaming, empty headed, skull. Whenever I see her come on, I change the channel to something more enlightening, like a commercial for hygiene products. She has been reprimanded for ethics violation not once. Not twice. But on three separate occasions; the last one by the Federal Court of Appeals for the 11th Circuit for knowingly using false testimony in Court. In other words, a court of law determined that she is a liar. That says it all for me.

I agree. She wants to load her questions to allow you to arrive at her answer. I watch her sometimes (even if I don't see all of the show) just to arrive at a balance of things going on in the world. A great many times the issues she is involved with are not being carried by others.

Good post, Michael.  Why isn't she screaming about the hundreds of cases of drunks going the wrong way on the highway? 

Pot has a different effect than booze.  We become more aware of speed and what it can do to us in an accident.  Aside from the initial disorientation, which can be controlled with practice, marijuana has a stabilizing effect.  Thirty miles and hour seems like fifty. 

I’m not saying people should smoke and drive.  But education can minimize car accidents.  The problem is there are too many sick people doing sick things. Nancy Grace picks up on this and blames the pot.




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