I just teamed up with women’s lib writer Barbara Walker and Dr. Lester Grinspoon of Harvard Medical School to publish on Kindle Pot Stories and Atheist Essays 

One piece, “Pot Story,” offers a very persuasive polemic for legalization and at the same time shows some of the misery and suffering that unwise laws have caused over the decades.  One section describes Harry Anslinger, the founder and first commissioner of the Prohibition Movement, as a conspicuous bigot and inarguable moron. 

Ms. Walker, in her inimitable style, writes of the abuses of religion over the centuries and the mistreatment of women, mostly due to original sin.

Also included is a podcast of Dr. Grinspoon where he categorically states there is no physical damage to the body at all.  He tells the story of how he first turned on, exhorted by none other than Carl Sagan on a cruise to a conference in Europe. 

If you’re interested in marijuana, either medically or recreationally, this is a must read so you’ll know what you’re doing or talking about.  Lot’s to discuss, n’est-ce pas?  


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Weed will not be as damaging to your lungs, if at all, as cigarettes of the nicotine variety. Also, you can buy vaporizer pipes that allow you to inhale the THC without "burning" the weed. They are something else!

So right.  Thanks for your input.  Good to hear from you again.


Free, let me reply to this from my own personal experience. I'be been smoking grass since the '60s. Just last week my trivia team won first prize of 12 Bird Key Yacht Club teams that play every month. I remember stuff that blows my own mind, like: "What was Marshall Tito' real name? Who killed President Garfield? Or What physicist has a the science building at the University of Copenhagen named after him? I'm pretty certain I'm the best player out of 120 regular attendees.

Clue to the last one, I always loved his line; "The meaning of life is that's it's meaningless."

Of course, I can't speak for everybody, but it surely refutes your statement about "damage over time".


Free, I admit I’m rusty on the physiological changes involved, but the beauty of grass is it’s a natural euphoriant.  THC receptors in the brain are already there.  I would need a doctor to confirm this, but I believe the brain is compatible with the canabinoids at the molecular level.

As far as the argument goes, it’s weak because we’d never get anything done.  Something that seems healthy for us now shouldn’t be consumed because 20 to 30 years from now because it might prove detrimental.  And grass has been around a lot longer than 20 to 30 years.  If there were any hidden long-term symptoms they would have erupted by now.  Lester was asked this about schizophrenia in this concern, and he said “rubbish.”  The disease afflicts 1% of humans on the planet; it was like that in the time of the ancient Romans and Greeks, throughout the Middle Ages and now, whether marijuana was being used or not.  Of course, this wouldn’t be the case with ergot or other hallucinogens, which have been blamed for numerous catastrophes in history like the French Revolution, or even the Salem Witch Trials.  That’s not what grass is about.


All the Republicans here should be proud. I can barely afford my medication. I can barely afford food. There was only one period in my life I was able to smoke marijuana regularly 

It was always the best anticonvulsant for me. When I could afford it, I went more than a year without seizures. I tried to quit marijuana years ago. I had a seizure at work, they laid me off.


I tried to be a good citizen and stick with my phenobarbital. I have a seizure every two weeks, and I feel ashamed. I feel like a burden to others, so I can't socialize. My cell phone battery overheated so I haven't any phone.  I can't drive to get health care insurance. There aren't any transportation programs and the bus costs $2.00 I can't afford. I can't afford to eat more than 300 calories per day, if lucky.


There isn't any reason for me to lie about the medical benefits of marijuana. I haven't any money to buy it, and it's doubtful if I live very long.




Bill, I too loved Bill Hicks.  Ever see his Rush Limbaugh video?  How about his story about the Alabama red neck bar where he and his friend almost got killed? 

Life has a lot of vicious circles that can keep getting worse and worse.  You have to figure out how to break the cycle so you can start out on a new footing.  Put grass out of your head for a while.  I myself only enjoyed getting high when all my bills are paid, friends are fine and there’re few or no worries.

You have to figure out how to make some money, one way or another.  Do whatever you have to break the cycle of debt.  Try a part-time job a few hours a week, or some sort of work at home deal.  Do anything short of doing something illegal. 

There’re jobs out there.  Avoid the trap of blaming others or blaming society itself.  The right wing is indifferent and dispassionate.  They’re not going to help you.  All they care about is their luxury yachts and dining in elegant restaurants. 

Just keep trying.  If you can’t afford a car, buy a bicycle and work in a local store. Here in Florida, medical mj passed in Hillsboro County, (Tampa) by 68% referendum.  They’re talking about legalization by September.  Never lose hope. 

Don’t give up.  Many of history’s great persons had epilepsy:  Julius Caesar, Fiodr Dostoevsky, Vincent Van Gogh.  What about your doc?  Get him/er to help you with some social program.  Respectfully tell him/er it’s their job. 

There’s a line from my first book, Mirror Reversal, “you can’t get depressed unless you let yourself get depressed.”  It might not always be true but it helps to let yourself believe it’s true.  

Thank you for your support. I found a better department in Ashland. I don't know Jackson County that well. With persistence of researching into resources, well, I was able to apply for health coverage without the run around. I am waiting eagerly for it to see a doctor. Things are better.

Bill Hicks was threatened by Christians often during his "flying saucer tour". He was threated by rednecks carrying guns, had bottles thrown at him, and mobs chasing after him. He was able to laugh at the horrible things in life, like hillbillies who defend their faith against rationality by violence. Who says there isn't any war on skepticism? So long as Christianity is the bullwhip of divine madness in the temple of absurd belief, questioning the bible is the ultimate sin.

You have a point about breaking cycles. Thank you for your supportive words.

No reason for me to lie either. Smoking during chemo treatments for cancer kept me from having to use anti-nausea pills I threw in the freezer and forgot. Anecdotal, I know, but I am tempted to move to Colorado, California, or Washington.

A friend of mine moved to Colorado for medicinal pot, but he ended up coming back after a year.

When I was younger pot never affected me. It never did anything at all. Then one day it did. From that time until now all I have to do is be around it and breath. You smoke it around me and I get higher than a kite. I've become so sensitive to it that I can just about tell you if they are smoking it across the street. It's too costly. I haven't bought it since the 70's.

Freethinker31, there is not much point in having sex without some weed.

I take great pride in having made Freethinker laugh. How delightful.





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