After the recent discovery of the affair between SC (my state) Governor Mark Sanford and his Argentinian mistress Maria Chapur, he told the press "It's in the spirit of making good from bad that I am committing to you and the larger family of South Carolinians to use this experience to both trust God in his larger work of changing me, and from my end, to work to becoming a better and more effective leader".

Hm... haven't we heard something similar many times before, and nothing changes?

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Puke . . . with a cherry on top, is what I think of Governor Sanford's "God" remark.

Now let me see: Was it God who, in his larger work of changing the Governor, was responsible for hooking Mark up with the Argentinian mistress in the first place? Or was it Satan who did it with God's permission; seeing that God did nothing to prevent the affair?
The same way God helped Ted Haggard to stop being gay... oh wait
Mark Sanford's prayer to his imaginary friend:

(In that preachy, Southern Baptist tone)

"Oh Lord, please keep at least 51% of the people of South Carolina completely ignorant so I may continue to pull the wool over their eyes. And please may I find a concubine closer to home so I don't have to fly all the way to Argentina next time. Amen."
The man's not well.
I'm not one really to care about a politician's sex life but I think this guy should just resign. An overgrown 14yr old sexting is unfit to be governor of anything




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