"All Americans, and foreigners as well if your bills has "God" on it, that are atheist and would like to participate in this campaign simply stand together and read! Americans; our currency has "In God We Trust" on it and I have simply started marking out "God" with a pen and writing "Atheism" either above or below to protest putting God on our currency. So it reads: "In Atheism We Trust"."


I read this post on another atheist forum and thought it was a good idea. So I decided to pass it along.

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I like "E Pluribus Unum" better.  I don't mind people practicing religion, so long as they keep it out of government.
I probably would prefer something other than "atheists". (It comes out like saying "In not collecting stamps we trust") However, I do like this idea. Thanx for hipping me to it.




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