Atheists have a marketing problem. In a world where religion has a practically infinite social inertia the idea that there isn't a god and that we are the masters of our own destiny is not just a hard sell, it's inconceivable for many. Richard Dawkins and others have started marketing campaigns to introduce this novel idea to those who would not otherwise think about it. Are these campaigns working? That is anyone's guess at this point.

SETH GODIN is a bestselling author, entrepreneur and agent of change (taken from his blog). He has written books and given talks, like this TED talk, which explain why some ideas spread more efficiently than others. He states that "ideas that spread, win." This is an obvious truth. It is also an obvious truth that the world has invented innumerable religions but the dominant ones that we are left with today are successful because they were the best at spreading. Why these religions are so well adapted for spreading has been much discussed elsewhere. What we need to do, if we have an idea that we want to spread, is identify how to market our idea so that it becomes as viral as the religions we wish it to replace. We must also recognize that if it isn't spreading then perhaps the problem is not the audience but the idea.

Seth argues that today there are so many ideas and products being marketed that people have learned how to ignore them. The things which get noticed are not necessarily the best but they are the ones that are remarkable, that stand out. Seth also argues that marketing to the masses is alright if you have an enormous budget but this is a mistake because that is the market which is best at ignoring your message. The best audience to market to, he argues, is the small group of people that are passionate about the subject because they will spread your idea themselves.

Let's consider what Seth Godin would do. How would he market atheism if he wanted to promote that change? Is atheism even a marketable idea? If not, what is? That is a much discussed subject in the context of identifying what we, as individuals, stand for. I think that it needs to be identified not simply for self identity but, more importantly, for marketing.

Let's also consider advertising strategies. Absolutely anyone can market an idea today, if they are clever. Setting up a website is trivial. Viral "word of mouth" marketing gets you your audience. The trick is to create a site that is remarkable to passionate people. Bill-boards are nice but they are expensive. Are there other options?

Let's brainstorm. How can we market our message in a better way? What is the message we need to promote to accomplish our goal?

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One of the problems I see, is the fact that our language, (English that is), is dripping with religious terms and ideas - some more obvious than others.

Take the parting greeting good-bye. It means: "God" be with you (ye is the olde you).

In the news media, I am often confronted with the notion that such-and-such a close shave was a miracle, and a child born under very difficult circumstances is termed a miracle child.

If one sneezes, it is common to say 'bless you'. Who is doing this blessing, in whose name, and what is it? Lots of people call themselves blessed, when I would call them simply fortunate, or hard working.

People will say that "God" works in mysterious ways, where I would just say that truth can be stranger than fiction.

People tell us that they will pray for us, or say 'you're in my prayers'. I wonder, or is it just something some people say instead of: 'I hope the best for you' ?

There must be loads more examples. I sometimes think, we should challenge a newspaper, if it reports the survival of some accident victim as a miracle. How in heck do they know that?
Atheism, like American automobiles, suffers from a general bad feeling in the minds of most people. The same way ford and gm have gradually built a better rep with quality and features, price, atheism needs the same with outstanding people over a period of time proving that we we are right. All the ideas ive read are good and need to be done but no one thing will do it for us. We also need to avoid any bad pr for as long as we can. Nobody go on a killing spree ok

Sorry if the car comparison was lame :)
Book called Fundamentals of Extremism, multiple authors and sources that make you go, "ahaaaa"...
& great news



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