a new Mass Apostasy Movement has been initiated in Spain by Transgender ex-Catholic  who was denied right to be godfather in baptismal rite. Alex Salinas has now published a video making public his campaign calling for a mass exodus out of Catholicism.

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Great news, HIram!. Interesting that Ireland and Spain have traditionally been two of the most committed Catholic strongholds. Ireland has roundly declared it's no longer there merely to do the Vatican's bidding; maybe Spain will do the same. Like Republicans, Christians depend on ignorance to achieve their goals. Hopefully ignorance is slightly giving way and their grip is beginning to slip away.

Why a transgender ex-catholic would want to be a godfather in a baptismal rite bemuses me.

Good news, yes, but I think I go with Gerald's opinion here.

There's more than one way to deconvert.

A mass apostasy from Catholicism would be most welcomed.

It would get a message to those clergy still mentally in the 16th Century who still haven't accepted the views of the reformation yet.

Though a similar mass apostasy would be welcomed in Islam as well.

But, I don't think that would be accepted without a massacre in the church attempting stop it.


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