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I love this! I saved it. I feel like printing it and distributing it at work. Hmmmm...Should I? Nothing beats a trial but a failure.

Here's the guy doing pet sitting. According to BBC he has 250 clients at US$135 a pop!

Eternal Earthbound Pets

I only like cats so this would not be a good idea for me :-)

Well you could euthanize the dogs, the rapture-nauts wouldn’t know the diff ;-)

LOL..I know what you mean , sometimes it feels as if jamaica is going backward instead of foward and religion plays a big part in that regression. I wonder what happened to all the things he gave away? I wonder all the people he gave stuff..and said 'oooppps, sorry, but I will actually need to get all my stuff back'.

I just had to smack myself on the forehead after reading this! Any hoo, it seems Rapture etc. is rescheduled for October so prepare for continued nonsense until then.
That's what I read in a an article,might be the jamaican observer but not only was he sorry about the predictions but he mentioned it was a mistake and it was a spiritual rapture but the real rapture is october 21 later this yr he said. That just got me mad cause he don't want to look foolish but he is going to be a bigger fool when oct 21 comes and no rapture. His name is michael lewis,I didn't even know of him personally.


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