6 pm May 21 has already come and gone many places west of the International Date Line and so far, no SBC's (Suddenly Ballistic Christians).

More here.

Out to lunch?

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It's as I thought (though there's still two hours-plus left in the Central time zone), as represented by this Monty Python sketch (audio only, from The Matching Tie and Handkerchief album):



Yup, I'm in South Africa and it's almost midnight - the end of a normal Saturday evening. Not that I'm surprised. I just feel sorry for all the "true believers" who are/were convinced they were getting swept up into Heaven, especially those who gave up all their earthly possessions and jobs. Poor, poor bastards.
It's 5:05pm here in La, and nothing at all...but there is still 55 minutes until the big show. Or as it will be known as: The Great Disappointment part 2
Monica. Are you from La. or L.A.. I am from New Orleans and wondering if I know you.

You know someone with some position or another, decided the official way to do state abrviations was to capitalize both letters. This makes this bit of confusion even worse as plenty times L.A. is abbreviated LA.. More people live in L.A. than La.. But still, I don't like the change.

Anyway, I was expecting at least a story or two about at least a couple or few people missing. But I haven't even heard of that.
Aaaand? ;)
He forgot to carry the one.  That math can be tricky sometimes.
The big news should be that faith is dangerous because people act on it instead of reality. The only difference between Camping's followers and other rapture-believers is in ideas about the launch date. Otherwise they all want to be SBCs (Suddenly Ballistic Christians) and fly to Heaven.
No new people have the gonads to state the obvious.

It's so ludicrous how people can seriously believe the stuff.  If anything remotely like the rapture were to happen, aliens would probably be harvesting humans to take to another planet probably to enslave them like what happened to the Fremen in the movie Dune.  Wouldn't that be a kick in the rubber parts?


Wouldn't a fake rapture planned by aliens be a good premise for a sf book? Only the atheists see through it to what is really going on.
I think this might have to be my NaNoWriMo theme, what an awesome idea! I will, of course, give the Goz credit for the idea.

Remember the old Charlie Brown cartoons where Lucy would hold the football, and Charlie Brown would say he wasn't going to fall for it this time?  So Lucy would convince Charlie Brown that THIS TIME is different, he would fall for it again, and the same thing would happen again.


God is just a sadistic little girl, perpetually promising her christian following that THIS TIME will be different.  They fall for it again.


God is laughing until she spits milk through her nose.






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