May 8th, Atheism Day?


This may already be in place, and I am out of touch with the news. Please let me know if this is the case. But in the event that it is not, here goes:


What does the UK atheist community feel about May 8th, the day the blasphemy laws were abolished in the UK (May 8th 2008), becoming a day of recognition for Atheists?


Marking the day we could finally speak our minds in the UK about the absurdity of Christian scripture, without fear of any form of legal prosecution for doing so.


The day could be marked most aptly by exercising the new freedom with an annual atheist protest day, at venues all over the UK, and staged simultaneously, against the injustice of religious privilege in the UK.


We could make it happen, if we all wanted to.

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How about making it worldwide  -- to include people out of the UK?  I think it sounds good. : )

That would be just great, a world wide recognised day for celebrating Atheism.

But the only way to make something happen is to make it happen.

Any one else interested in trying to get a first shot of it (hell world wide, lets think big) for next May 8th? We have over 7 months in which to do it.




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