So here is my introduction,


My name is Laura.

I am currently living in Huntsville, Al (originally from Dallas, Tx)

Irish-Catholic heritage, but second generation non-theist.

I am out-going, and always ready to have an intelligent conversation/debate.


Hoping to meet some interesting people with similar interest... or perhaps complete opposite interest, as I always love to expand my own.


Want to know more? ask away... I may not be an open book, but I like to talk as much as the next person :)


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Hi Laura ^^ my main interest right now is survival, nuclear holocaust, achieving enough mental stability & confidence (by whatever means) that I can look in the mirror without wanting to tear my face off.


Ok, so your turn. Sorry I guess the stress is just getting to me a little bit ^^

Hello from California, Laura. So am I to understand that you were reared as an atheist/non-theist? Are you atheist or do you mean something else by "non-theist?" Perhaps a more innocent point of view than having to define oneself by the fictional characters in which one does not profess belief.

Very interesting. Have you ever dallied with religion? Were you openly atheist/non-theist as a child? If so, what was that like?

You look like supercop's sidekick on Criminal Intent. My wife and I always refer to Vincent D'Norris as supercop because he is as unbelievably smart as Sherlock Holmes. Katherine Erbe, I think, is her name. Tho I don't recall ever seeing her in anything other than that.

I was raised on a Baptist household and didn't come to my non-theists until adulthood anyway. So I too am wondering what that must have been like.
Hi Will! Thank you for the welcome, and given the current state of affairs... I too have to say surviving has come quite close to the tip of my list if hobbies. But I managed to overcome the tear-my-face-off stage. I'm confident you will as well... Given time, and Johns theory on the impending arrival of Meta-Godzilla, everything should just right itself on it's own, right?
John- if I see him rear is reptilian head here first, I will make a point to let you know ;)
Vince & Paul-
Thank you both for the welcome!And yes, you took it correctly, my father is agnostic... I grew up without mention of a personal God until school, and even then I spent far more time with my older brothers than school mates. I have 7 brothers, all of us have gone down the religious path a bit differently.
The only one truly troubled is the youngest, (step mothers son). When I started high-school, she pushed us both into Christian private schools. 
While there, I questioned my lack of beliefs briefly, but moved passed the notion within 6 months. The fire and brimstone method was a bit much on my 14 year old psyche no matter how mature I was. 
Later, my father told me he was never worried about the phase. He related a story about my discovering Santa Clause was a myth. My family had a home video of christmas morning when I was 3, and I am screaming and crying because the toy I opened from 'santa' was a toy I'd already spied in my parents closet.
Apparently, several days later... I confessed to my ballet instructor I'd already known because if reindeer existed we wouldn't have invented planes, but wanted attention because instead of seeing me open my legos, they'd been recording my twin brothers opening sega game gears. So, my Dad knew Id have trouble accepting religion in the long run.
But unlike my father, I'm atheist as opposed to agnostic... I still have religious friends from high school, when they start preaching to me... I simply begin referring to God as their imaginary friend and it ends the conversation quickly. I respect their beliefs, and even though they struggle with it... They accept me.
Growing up atheist was different... After I was 5 we didn't really celebrate Christmas, it was only done so we weren't left out, but when we were older we didn't care so much. My dad let us paint Easter eggs, but it was explained from the pagan perspective, as simply being a celebration of the new life spring brings.
I can see where I might have had more issues if I grew up as an only child... I would have had more of a desire to fit in, and struggled some. Overall, it was an average upbringing...
Uh oh, you're a catholic atheist. I'm a protestant atheist. We must now feud.




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