Hillary Clinton ended the Democrat debate last night with "May the force be with you". I though that was great! No "God bless America (or you)". She did mention "god" once, when she said "God-given rights", but was the only time I heard anything about religion, except for the hate mongering anti-Muslim issue rightwingers advocate.

I don't know how this debate compares to the Republican debates--I don't watch them. There were times when it got a little bit heated, but all in the spirit of dissension. Most topics were on the generalities: terrorism, the economy, etc. I felt the participants weren't given much chance to respond to criticisms  and accusations. The moderators were somewhat heavy-handed at times.

My winner? Bernie!

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I think Bernie has some good ideas and I hope they get passed on. Too early yet to see just who will be the major candidates.

A friend of mine is already bad mouthing Hillary and says he hopes she doesn't get elected. He comes up with imaged BS that she wil do. Meanwhile, Bill is hitting me with solicitation of donations to the foundation harder than before. I can only assume he has some funds to have thrown Hillary's way. Now some are even telling me how Hillary swears like a sailor. So do I, and I've known that for years. We will see how things go by next June.

Hillary, may the 5's be with you. No, wait! That's the 4's.

Hillary Clinton will win the nomination if you're lucky.

I think she will, Gerald. Since she's a Dem you are faced with 2 things at that point.

 1.  Do the voters want a female president?

 2.  Are the voters so pissed at Dems that they will vote for any Republican?

This nonsense gets into people living in trailer parks that think we have to balance a budget by cutting everything right out from under them. For reasons beyond me they get convinced that the real answer is to take everything away. This is why I think Trump is going the direction he is now. He's a diversion. Republicans will run on issues he talks about without focusing on what they want to take away. Once the Repubs get elected give them 6 months and they will start to take things away. Terrorism and immigration were mostly the distraction.

I agree with Trump on one thing. We need to join Putin in getting rid of ISIS. I'm not a war monger but we created these people to create balance in Iraq and now they are a menace that wants to take over the world. Big mistake. Where is the money and power? Follow the oil pipeline. For the first time in 40 years we are now starting to export oil again also.

If the religious vote loses its influence there will still be a nationalist shadow vote remaining. Trump is definitely whistling a popular tune with his uncompromising rhetoric, with many people over here seconding his ideas. A fair slice of the electorate will always fall for the aggressive no nonsense approach, but the conditions on the ground have to be alarming before the populist vote gains enough swing to win an election. Hillary will win the democratic nomination and go on to become America's first woman president. 

Love Bernie, I haven't donated to any candidate since I did so for Barry Goldwater in 1964. But my politics have changed a lot in half a century, and I sent Bernie $40,00 this year.

She's a pandering idiot trying to look 'with it' by playing into Disney's huge marketing BS. She tries to play 'concern for the middle class while she cavorts with and the upper 1% of the 1%. She demands, and gets, more for one speech than even a well to do American gets in a year. Clintons's 'charity' gets HUGE donations from the poltically powerful, and is currenly ranked very poorly for transparency.

(Though to be truthful, my dislike for her dates back to the Bill presidency.)




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