Maybe the GOP IS Doing The Rest Of Us A Favor

American Atheists, headed by current president David Silverman, was scheduled to have a booth at this year's CPAC Convention. CPAC is sponsored by the right-wing American Conservative Union (ACU).

Basically, what CPAC and the ACU have said is "No Atheists Cooties Allowed" in our club. CPAC pulled permission for the American Atheists to have a booth, and gave Silverman his money back. The reason? A phony one at best, stating they did not like the 'tone' of American Atheist attacking people of faith. Which is not message Silverman was bringing to the convention.

As fellow A|N member Step S. recently posted, atheism is on the rise in the US, while adherence to church is declining. Albeit slowly, for sure, but declining nevertheless. "Christian American adults have less tolerance towards Atheists than towards people who belong to a different Christian Sect or a different Faith." And, this seems to hold especially true for those Christians who are members of the GOP.

I can't help but get the feeling that the right wing extremists of the GOP are slowly, but inexorably, dragging the entire Republican Party down to the bottom of the quicksand pit along with them. The recent debacle of the pro-bigoted 'religious freedom' bill in Arizona is just one example. 

I honestly don't think they realize that being an atheist is simply a statement of non-belief in gods. It doesn't define as one gay, straight, liberal, conservative, or decide whether your favorite ice cream is chocolate of vanilla. Yet here is a political party, which presumably wants to increase their base, that openly rejects a growing minority while opting to pander to a shrinking majority. They've already alienated several other groups in the US. One can only wonder if they're deliberately trying to put themselves out of business.

Salon Article here.

And, here's the brochure the American Atheists were planning on passing out at the convention.

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It should be apparent to all that the GOP is OWNED by the extreme religious right.  It becomes imperative that atheists, agnostics and non-religious citizens get out and vote. If they vote Republican, they are voting against their and their children's own interests.  

On the brochure the American Atheists were planning to distribute at the convention:  BRAVO!  Well done and written not to bash someone's religion but to lobby for the good of all citizens not a majority.  

As Guy Fieri would say, that brochure is MONEY.  Very straight from the shoulder and (for at least most of us), not at all objectionable.  That CPAC and the ACU nixed American Atheists' participation is no great surprise, though.  As Gene here has said, the Religious Reich pretty much hold the deed on the GOP, and because of that and their increasing radicalism, their relevance to American politics is quickly becoming history ... which is what the party itself will do if it can't straighten itself out.

One would think, logically at least, that opposition to church exemption from taxes would be a conservative position, since it puts a burden on all the rest of us. And, in violation of the 1st Amendment. Yet, that very message is one they oppose, while screaming for fiscal responsibility. As a party, are they suicidal?

I doubt they think about "the rest of us," Pat.  It's more like "us christians" vs. the godless atheist evildoers.  It's all black and white, gray need not apply, and the more simplistic the point of view, the easier it is to promote it to those who can't be bothered to THINK.

their tent is shrinking to a Barbie Princess size, yet about half the country will still vote for them. even though almost no one agrees with their positions on almost anything.  it seems for most of the country it doesn't really matter who's in charge, and if they aren't happy with the state of things in the country it's both parties fault and they'll just vote for the party that isn't currently in charge.  

conservatives like to call liberal voters low information voters.  i would say that die hard conservatives and die hard liberals are very high information voters (although for cons their information isn't necessarily rooted in reality), but the middle who pay little attention to these matters are the low information voters.  anyone else remember this?

these people are the reason that we are all at risk of religious zealots take over the country.  anyone who is paying attention and isn't batshit crazy would vote like their lives depended on it, and vote for Democrats until the Jesus freaks are sent back to the sidelines.  only then will Republicans be a viable voting option.  

I agree with you that the middle are low information voters.  I suspect in general, liberals are more sophisticated and informed than the right wing. 


What the republicans have done to themselves is truly unfortunate.  I am not always a fully Borg-itized liberal in every matter, although most people would place me in the liberal camp and I happily and enthusiastically agree with that.  That said, I beleive any camp will be given to excess if fully in power, and there is an important role for opposition.  The problem with Republicans is they have given themselves over to screetching narcissists who thrive on perpetual temper tantrums, one more extrem and mindless than the next.  The religious part is only  part of it.  I read somewhere Karl Rove was atheist.  I don't know if that is true - if so, his manipulation of voters with religious hot topics has been truly Macchiavelian. 


I would like to see a genuine conservative movement, divorced from those adults stuck in their terrible twos, and divorced from lockstep with religious reactionaries.  I would most likely, almost, never agree with them.  But it would be less scary.

i agree with every word you just wrote.  couple of specific agreements:

i am liberal by today's standards, although i have plenty of libertarian leanings.  while i think the libertarian movement is ridiculous, i am against laws that violate civil liberties.  hence, my ACLU membership.  

i too think that a "loyal opposition" is invaluable in our republic.  problem is, the loyal part has been dropped.  is there any doubt that the current republicans in congress are willing to make America suffer to achieve their partisan goals?

Karl Rove is an atheist.  it truly boggles the mind.  

it is possible to find intelligent conservative reform ideas.  you have to know where to look, but that place is not in Congress.  




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