Does anyone else here besides me get the impression that this ME character is really a theist of some sort, most likely of the Christian variety ? He or she keeps putting forth fallacious arguments in favor of belief. In my own opinion ME seems to be trying to, through invalid argumentation, convince us to come to agree with him or her.

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I agree, Tony. When I examine all of the ME blogs here on AN this is what stands out:

1.  Atheism is not a worldview.

2.  Many atheists are irrational.

3.  Sience and religion are perfectly compatible.

There are long winded posts to suck you into this circular reasoning, some going back too many years to prove a modern point because things do change. I think the "logic" of ME would be better suited with Ken Ham. (Somebody help me out here if I am wrong.)

As it comes to those points, my thoughts are:

  1. Actually, atheism is, among other things, the absence of a theistic worldview, which has an unfortunate tendency to shackle thought, particularly of the critical variety, and as such opens up the opportunity for a WIDER and more comprehensive view of things than might otherwise be had.
  2. Irrationality is not reserved for believers or atheists.  If we were to do a scientific study, however, I think percentages of irrationality would favor the former far more than the latter.
  3. I stated my POV on his post about this, and I would further say that his entire post was a product of rather poor use of logic.
Good for you Bl. I have to listen to enough of that shit in my corner of the world.

I will never ever understand why theists think that they can change the mind of atheists without any real evidence or logic. Coming here trying to spount that sort of non-supported nonsense is just a waste of time. 

Most true atheists know the bible better than a believer because we were once believers. We may be angry, but not "angry at god." You cannot be "angry" at something which does not exist. They do not get it, these theists. There is no crying, turning around, and saying "I'm sorry" and suddenly we are led back into the fold. Wake up! We stopped believing because of lack of evidence. There is no "fold" to go back into. God is imaginary!


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