The human curiosity quest is one of a constant state of curiosity.  Very little will hold a person’s attention unless the imagination is stimulated. Truth is a constant and is therefore of little interest because there is no stimulation involved.

Is reality inside us or outside of us? Is there any reality at all? We humans enjoy Pandora’s box questions to argue and fight over.  Questions that have no real meaning or answer are at the top of the list. Rhetorical arguments one statement after the other. It is a quest of who can come up with the best none-senseical  reasoning in support or dis-support of a theory or question.

Because I know I have conscience thought does this mean that this only exists in the mind and brain of humans like me? The five senses combine in the back of my brain to create an image of what is outside of me, so in reality I truly can never see or be a part of what is real…I can only “see” and be part of what my mind invents from the electric impulses sent to my brain. My “seeing” is not true sight, only an assembled electric impulse perception…an image in my brain of what is [real]. Or is my brains image real and what is outside of me the image?

If there is a higher power, that is the creator imager of all, that allows me to see his Universal image, than is the creator all that is real and everything that is my reality is simply the image of his projected image of creation?

 I know the Universe and every atom pulses with electrical energy just like the images in my brain, so does this lead me to the answer of a Creator? And I am the image “from” God? Not an image “of” God?

Is this a dream or reality or a nightmare? Or have I truly found Spirit…

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