Due to what should have been much more predictable domestic strife, I have been thinking about the meaning of relationships. In religious worldviews, relationships are given meaning by a god who blesses them, but in a secular worldview, the relationship seems to be merely between the two in the relationship. Since I have no children, and they aren't even a viable prospect for me at this point, I wonder what value intimate relationships have.

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Their enjoyability is their value. That's really the only value, in my eyes.
The desires are the same whether one reproduces or not. Intimate relationships fulfill genetically encoded desires. The permanence of such relationships is much more a function of social pressures. Grandparents for example have a genetic interest in keeping their children in a relationship if it will increase the odds of survival of their grandchildren. Again, those tendencies to encourage stability of the unions of their children will manifest even if there are no grandchildren. The point being that social norms or institutions of marriage may serve the needs of extended family more than the the individuals in the coupling.

Uncles on the other hand... who knows :-) :-) Their interest in your union would be more removed, and weaker than that of your parent.
These are the kinds of questions people ask when they are having hardships, but things are looking brighter now. I am comfortable maintaining my life and relationship to the best of my ability even if there is no external social support group. I'm happy to not be fully isolated in life.
yeah, it sucks being alone :-(
I will note that I live in Decker, MI. I sometimes envy those who live near cultural hotspots or at least not as close to the cultural badlands in which I live.
So what's keeping you in Decker? Move on out to California, or Colorado, or if you must stay in Michigan, go to Ann Arbor or Ypsi.




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