My wife was raised Catholic and has never completely been able to shed some of the chains that they installed.  She had been to church perhaps 4-5 times per year, going with her mother.  We lived out of state for almost 10 years, and she didn't show any signs of religion during that entire time, but since returning will go very rarely with her very catholic mother.  She doesn't agree with most of the stuff that goes along with catholicism and has probably been best described as agnostic/ deist in her beliefs for at least the last 15-20 years.

I just realized that she is trying to sneak in the catholic thing about no meat on Fridays during lent for our entire family without actually saying anything about it to me.  Just trying to slip it past with nobody noticing.  It isn't particularly unusual for us to eat some vegetarian meals through the week, but we are not at all vegetarian.  But she's made a point of planning no meat meals for fridays the last few weeks.  She doesn't like fish and normally grumbles when I make it, but suddenly bought a box of frozen fish filets for the kids and me for tonight (she is working late tonight and won't be home for dinner).  Usually I pack lunches for both of us the night before, but last night made a PB&J sandwich for herself for today.  She started planning out meals and grocery shopping for next week.  Beginning with tomato soup & grilled cheese for dinner next friday.  There's enough of a pattern emerging that I'm 100% sure about what's going on.

What the heck?  I am anti-religious enough that if she suggested that we should avoid meat for lent, that my first reaction is to grill up a nice t-bone bloody and rare, but that's just me. She hadn't been actually religious in decades.  But she's trying to sneak this kind of silliniess past me?!?

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Did you ask her about it?
It may not have anything to do with lent. Is she eco-friendly? A lot of eco and health friendly people are following the trend now of meat-free fridays/weekends (or mondays for the sake of family health and the planet.
She cooks. You eat. Otherwise, jump in and cook.


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