Ben Jenkins shows that climate denial by those in power resists blatant climate disaster. 

The people in power will let your country burn

Australia right now is a case study of how many governments and media will respond to these disasters, and just how bad that response will be.

If you were holding out hope that the cynical and partisan way we currently talk about climate change can’t possibly hold in the face of actual climate disasters — when it’s undeniably manifested itself in unbreathable air and burning homes and smoldering coastline — let go of that hope now

If you take one thing away from all of this, know that there are people in both the government and the media who would sooner see the country burn than confront the enormity of this problem.

All of this should terrify you, because the appalling response to this crisis in Australia isn’t an aberration. [emphases mine]

When tornadoes destroyed a whole town, Joplin, I naively imagined the public would wake to the danger of climate change. Australia's government and media response tells shows us that continent-spanning apocalypse won't "wake up" right-wing media or governments to climate reality.

US main stream media covered the most sensational crises for a day or two, not connecting it to climate change. Then the story vanished. Nor is it easy to find adequate coverage by internet news search. Do a search to see how many stories were posted today, and how many of them copy the same text.

While one of our continents - CONTINENTS - is on fire, media avert our eyes and our perception. Attention-grabbing antics by the conman-in-chief replace this as valid news, lest we notice Earth is now in the Pyrocene Age.

This was satire just a few years ago.

image source

It looks like real Australia now.

Speaking of continents on fire, did you notice that a giant strip of Africa is on fire? 

image source

Individual fires resolve if you zoom in closer at the site.

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All I can say is that they do not care. Trump represents the Kochs, Mercers, DeVos, et al families and groups in power today who do not give a damn about you, your healthcare, water, food, or land and they want to rip mineral wealth out of the earth accordingly. They want to eliminate social security and Medicare/Medicaid without concern of what this will do to America. If grandma has no care in a nursing home any longer you simply have to work another non-benefit job in order to hire someone to take care of her, or you just take care of her yourself. I find it strange that many are working 2 jobs already and do not get this. I see the anger on both sides of American politics while we are cautioned by leaders not to embrace Democratic Socialism in any way. The scattered ideas en mass produce distraction and confusion. Some even claim that all the fires worldwide will help indigenous people come out of forest lands and join us saying the set fires are to free land for planting crops. It's bullshit! People are being burned out of their homes so condos and concrete jungles can expand. In many cases climate change has set the stage for the fires. In others we are burning land because of greed. What about the inhabitants? Nobody cares.

I hear you, Michael.

Something else here that burns my ass in political discussion is that nobody is for Medicare for all. What they tell me is that they could be for it if everyone had paid into that system all these years like they have. Then that would make others eligible for it. Oh, come on! You are now so greedy that you begrudge others getting social security unless they have paid into the system forever. How petty can you get? I look at this as another symptom brought out of the woodwork by Donald Trump and it helps me understand why people lie about all the children getting aide and claim it is the non-citizen parents getting it instead. Those children were born here. Trump and others want to spread lies and change the law, getting rid of benefits and using illegals as scape goats. You would be surprised at how many of our citizens believe Mexicans can bring mom and dad here and then have them set up on social security within six months. It is a false belief that springs out of children drawing benefits here.




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