Once again this morning I received a call from a scammer telling me that I was about to receive a new Medicare card and asking for personal information to verify my identity. He had an Indian accent and was quite persistent until I accused him of scamming. Then he hung up. Here are the facts about this scam:


Medicare does not place such calls. The number was identified on my Caller ID as

PROMIN MTR W  786-358-6691. If you have any doubt about a number you can simply Google it and find out what other callers have experienced.

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The ones that really piss me off are the people who stand at the intersections of 4 way stops with the buckets out, like a collection plate in church where everyone is looking at you.

This does remind me of a comedy routine once done by Rodney Dangerfield. He was asked to give money to a needy Asian family. For only $1.00, he could provide pencils and paper for the children to go to school. The mother could get a sewing machine to bring in extra money for the family. And the father could get nets for his fishing boat to bring home food for everyone. Dangerfield said he would give $1.00, but only under one condition. Someone had to show his wife how to stretch a buck that far. 

I haven't seen the bucket brigade around here yet, but I dislike the firemen that stand with their big boots trying to make me feel guilty for not giving to whatever cause they are soliciting for.

I don't give to them, the cashier, the phone solicitor, or e-mail solicitor, because before I give, I want to have good evidence that most of the money goes to the needy, and those needy are worthy.  

that's the catholic mob i.e. that indian looking guy from .. oh yeah jindal.. the voodoo guy.. the 'young woman not listening needs an exorcism guy. pffft
all fraud all the time. addresses to places that don't exist; that's the way.. of fraud at print level. massive wastes of paper and fake money imho. ask any fundy owned mega corp. in fl. cya

Once in Africa my wife was said to have won a big lottery and they wanted all her personal information. Everyone was so happy for her, but she had not entered any lotteries! Such scams are done there for identity theft mostly.

At another time in Kenya I was cashing in a large amount of travelers checks and the manager of that establishment had to make several phone calls before giving me my money. What he did not know is that once I hit the streets of Nairobi again, my brother-in-law and others strategically placed, put me into a waiting car and we drove away.

And so, your bank calls you up and wants to verify all your vital information "just for their records." Try telling them that you are going to have to change banks now. If they do not have all the right information how could your money possibly be safe? I know my bankers by name and by voice recognition. They know me the same way.

"OK, Mr. Jones. We are going to have to ask you some of the secret questions now. What is your pet turtle's name?"




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