A good place for ADD/ADHDists to come and talk about treatment.

I was on regular old adderall from the time I was in elementary school to my first year in college. The trouble for me, with generic adderall, was that it gave me a huge kick in the pants which lasted for a couple of hours and slowly faded away. I tried taking my pills throughout the day but I often forgot. They tasted like a cross between earwax and copper pennies.

Before that I was on something else. I can't remember what, but I had to take blood tests all the time and had a terrible fear of needles. Those were not good times!

I never took riddlin except for a few times. My doctor gave me a bunch of pills to take when I did my homework. Of course, I always forgot (my pills and my homework).

Now I’m on adderall XR. The slower release helps me get through the day but there’s no kick like there was with the generic adderall (and it’s more expensive). My attentiveness in class has improved but I’m still pretty flakey when it comes to homework and I’m drinking more coffee now. They also have no taste, which is a relief. Thinking about trying something new, but not really sure.

I try to take a regular multi-vitamin every day. Sometimes I forget. I remember most of the time because I’m taking chewable and they’re really tasty. I’ve thought about taking fish oil supplements, which are supposed to improve memory. Has anyone tried those?

What meds are you taking? Do you take any vitamins or supplements? What works for you? What doesn't? Are you on any other kind of treatment?

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In just two more days I get to start taking adderall again. (Yeah, I know... I'm excited. I bet by tomorrow I'll probably have the countdown to my doctor appointment tallied in hours, if not minutes, ;) I'm planning on getting back on the old generic adderall, as I prefer that to the XR. Perhaps I'm a wee bit of a control freak, but I like having a greater say over how it affects me, when it kicks in and how long it lasts. I ran into problems when I tried the XR because I would sometimes forget to take it in the morning, and by the time I remembered it would be too late in the day to take it unless I was willing to stay up until 4am.

Other than that, I'm not really taking anything. I have an inhaler for asthma, but probably only use it 2-3 times a month rather than the 3-4 times a day that is prescribed. I also hate taking vitamins although I know they're good for me.
I'd be curious to know how the Adderall works for you.
What are the side effects? The thing I've always liked about adderall is that I've never had any bad side effects.

I agree with you about the purpose of our meds. Even with medication we still have to put in that bit of extra effort to get things done.
A decent multi-vitamin. I take an extra B12 when I feel like it and some fish oil capsules.
That works for you?
I took Concerta once upon a time. It worked quite well for me for a while, but then it seemed that even if I took it early in the day, I'd find myself staying up late. I have enough problems shutting my brain down so I can sleep, so I ended up going off of it. It pretty much became a choice between sleep or being more focused.

I've been considering going back on meds, but really don't' know what to take. I think I'd want to find a really good doctor/psychiatrist that works with people who have ADD.




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