Brother Richard talks at Atheist Alliance International

Since the original video went away, I replaced it with a Brother Richard talk at Atheist Alliance International. Enjoy :)

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Thanks Joan.  That duet is wonderful. 

Awesome voice for such a young girl and vocal control well beyond her age, I'm Impressed!

Though I think Brother Richard may be right in that secularism has forced religion to change for the better, many of the Christians I deal with, think the opposite, as they think secularism has been a bad influence on Christianity, it has introduced too much liberalism and caused many liberal sects to get support.

They see the Pentecostal movement as being the fault of liberalism in Christianity.

They think that had Christendom (orthodox Christianity) ruled, there would be no distortion of the Pentecostal experience; which was simply Jews discovering that they had a common language of Hebrew, since their parents all kept the Hebrew tradition alive by making it the first language of all their children, regardless of location. 

Nor would such groups as the Seventh Day Movement, or the Mormons, as these would have been outlawed as blasphemous, Ellen G. White would be classed by Christendom as a heretic.

This is the opinion of some of the Christians I debate with.

Liberalism has caused a distortion of Christian values and doctrines.

Though, it is obvious to almost anybody that these Christians are mostly Catholics and Anglicans, who value the orthodoxy of Christendom.


I ran across some ancient writings today from the Docetae, an early Christian sect that adhered to the doctrine of Docetism 

"considered that our blessed Lord did not exist on earth, or suffer upon the cross, but that all was a phantasy."

~ St John Chrysostom (c. 347–407), Greek: Archbishop of Constantinople, was an important Early Church Father known for his eloquence in preaching and public speaking.

Church fathers "were of the opinion that our Lord had passed through the Blessed Virgin as water through a conduit..." "Others asserted that the incarnation of Christ was a myth.”

~ Valentinians

Was Jesus real? Well, it depends on whom you read. 

Thank you for posting this video!




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