Greetings, O Godless ones.


I live in Eugene, Oregon, on the wrong side of the tracks, and I like to hang out on the internet pretending to be a Ken doll. Which is probably creepy, but I’m OK, really.


On the internet, I’m known as feralboy12. I have a website, four blogs and two YouTube channels. I write and do stop-motion animation, and have included here part four of my "Cloverdale" series, a version of Cloverfield for Ken and Barbie and various classic toys and games. I recently wrote on the topic of intelligent design for, resulting in my first ever Christian hate mail (the derisive article was typical of my kind, which can only make fun of things, and I need to think and read more). I have also been writing a religiously oriented, Poe-ish blog called Tongue Of The Dumb.


I attended a few Christian churches up until the age of 10, at which point my family started staying home on Sundays. Only my mother had any interest in religion, and she was not happy with a number of other people at the churches we attended (the phrase "holier than thou" came up a lot).


When I was 12 I started to wonder how people could be damned to torture for all eternity for not accepting a savior they never heard of. Then I failed to understand how God could turn a woman into a pillar of salt for turning around to watch a city be destroyed. After a teenage foray into eastern religion, I happily discovered science in my mid-20s. The explanations that it provided seemed much more sound than those posited by ancient goat herders. The universe that science told me about—dynamic, unfathomably old, containing untold worlds, all built by processes following internally consistent laws of nature—has always seemed more wondrous and awe-inspiring than the inert set of superstitions and rituals presented to me in the Bible. At this point, turning back to religion would feel like turning back into a pumpkin. (Another hobby of mine I intend to share with you is photographing natural places in the American Pacific Northwest, which should prove that my sense of beauty and aesthetics are unaffected by my non-theism.) This world and this life fascinate me no end; how anyone could be so incurious and intellectually lazy to ignore it in favor of an imaginary world to come is beyond me.



Medicine Lake in northern California.

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