Meet poodles Karin and Fuga, the newest recruits to Japanese police force

Clad in tiny replica of Japanese police outfit, female toy poodles, one-year-old Karin, left, and two-year-old Fuga, are presented to the media on Tuesday, Jan. 10, 2012 at the Tottori Prefectural Police headquarters in Tottori, Japan.

I had to share this really interesting story. Hope you enjoy it! Continue reading below.

Asahi Shimbun reports: In an effort to strengthen public relations, the Tottori prefectural police appointed two female toy poodles as ... on Jan. 10, Dial 110 Day. The number 110 is a hotline to contact the police in case of emergency in Japan.

“The role of police dogs is not limited to searching criminals and missing people,” Miyamoto said. “I hope the participation of Fuga and Karin in the police department will contribute to improved public relations.”

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I just love their tiny police outfits!

    Way to go Japan!  If you want decent public relations, don't hire a human-they run their mouths and mess everything up.  Everything animals do makes us laugh.  If they shake your hand you say "Awwww that's so cute!"  If they poop on the rug in the middle of the Prime Minister's speech everyone says "Awwww that's so cute!"  I don't even think I'd mind getting a speeding ticket from one. Win-win.  We could save a mint if we ran our own country this way.


They are so adorable!  I agree with Patrick - animals can soften the mood, put people at ease, and reduce the tension of a situation.  I hope this is a successful endeavor!  

They can pull me over anytime! 

Caligula supposedly named his own horse as a Senator of Rome.  Considering our own lawmakers that would be an improvement.

Maybe not for everyone, my Bra, but in some gay circles Smokey the Bear is the epitome of "sexy". But yeah, the uniforms are a bit much!

"paws for thought?!?!"  I must kneel before you and call you 'master'! That one was perfect!!     

...and I just caught the 'doggedly' quip.  I'm kinda slow tonite!

Spun sugar. This doesn't get respect for Japan's police from me. Sure doggies are cute. But I'd rather the Japanese had professional standards for policing, instead of "show." I read an article that explained how they get such a superlative record on solved murders. They don't count a death as murder unless the culprit is immediately obvious. Otherwise it gets recorded as natural death, or accident, or something. Pffft!

It could be that the people of Japan are not too impressed with their own law enforcement, (perhaps they perceive their police to be too 'removed' from the civilian popoulace to care about average Japanese citizens' needs).  In that case it would be somewhat similar to our own law enforcement having programs like "Cops4Kids" and other such "reach-out-to-the-neighbors" drives in an attempt to soften their image-especially in minority neighborhoods where police are viewed as intruders.  Most of the publicity for those community-efforts type outreach programs have always smacked of the same "spun sugar" kind of glurge that you mention. (Personally, the pooches actually seem less condescending to me).     

Minority neighborhoods attitudes toward police seem to me to be an issue of race and class. I take the root problem in Japan to be willingness to do the job instead of pretending to do the job. In all of these situations, I think the public relations problem would go away if the police eliminated the particular dysfunction in their performance. That is very hard to do, since law enforcement inherently props up the powers that be in any society, where the powerful call the shots and the powerless are coerced. Police enforce eviction of people from foreclosed homes, even in cases where the agencies are committing fraud, for example. They enforce unfair laws of all kinds. Cute reach out programs are easy easy easy, in comparison.

True.  Sad. But true. Professional standards do not eliminate abuse of power, as they are only as effective as they are enforced.  And they are not enforcable so long as the powers that be use law enforcement to stay in a position of power.  It's like the M.C. Escher drawing of the hand drawing the hand that is drawing the original hand.




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