Megachurch pastor calls quake "God's warning to Japan

Asked to comment on the Japanese earthquake disaster in a Sunday interview, Yoido Full Gospel Church senior pastor David Yonggi Cho told the online newspaper, News Mission, that, “Japan sees a lot of earthquakes, and I think it is regrettable that there has been such an enormous loss of property and life due to the earthquake.” He then added, “Because the Japanese people shun God in terms of their faith and follow idol worship, atheism, and materialism, it makes me wonder if this was not God’s warning to them.”

I hope that this catastrophe can be turned into a blessing and they take this opportunity to return to the Lord," said Cho. "We in Korea look at Japan and think that at this juncture, more than a physical earthquake, it is in need of a holy spiritual earthquake.”

Where is Pat Robertson when you need him?

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So predictable!

 Yup, you have to know some idiot will say:"God did it cause of bla bla."

Do they really think people believe this crap? In the 9th. century,sure.

Why do all the nut jobs come out after a natural disaster?
Fifteen minutes of fame?
......*facepalm* really? Instead of saying "let's help the downtrodden" he's going to get on his high horse and say that God was warning Japan? *deep breath* I seriously think he needs to just refigure that argument out. It does not make any sense. None.
Sad, but predictable.
Where is Pat Robertson when you need him?

You lost me here - why would we need him?


For laughs. Also because when he makes the news with these pronouncements, it allows more people to see just how idiotic his brand of religion is. 
'On ne devient pas athée par souhait.' - Napoleon Bonaparte.
Why is it always God? Who's the god of floods and earthquakes? Neptune/Poesideon. Behold the return of the Pantheon!

Seriously though, saying that God planned it only makes God look like a envious jerk.



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